Why littledom (DD/lg) interests me

I have been interested in power exchange dynamics for years and through my time ghosting websites I have been able to both hone my preferred form of power exchange as well as create a list of personally titillating activities I would choose to partake in should I get the gumption to engage such a relationship.

The Daddy Dom/ little girl dynamic seemed to speak to me for a number of reasons.  

The first and most powerful being the nurturing connotations I have seen in my research and readings.  The idea of being cared for, seen too, giving up all hard decisions and putting your well being in the hands of another had a freeing quality to it that makes it easy for me give up the control that in my everyday life I keep firmly in my grip.

 I have also always kept a youthful exuberance and enjoyment in childish things.  Playing on the playground, blowing bubbles, playing dress up, watching cartoons, or just being plain silly. These are things I still like to engage in and though I can at my age. I am the ‘fun’ auntie to my nieces and nephews, I have to be the moderator. Reminding them to be careful, put on sunscreen, hold my hand, that’s enough junk food.  I can engage as a big but I cannot lose myself as a ‘little’ would.

 Then there is the naughty part of Dd/lg play.  Through my trolling through the net and reading naughty novels.  I have found some of the d/s play that draws me is frequently incorporated into ageplay dynamics. That of spanking, medfet, ménage scenarios, they can all be put into play in an age play setting.  Naughty little girls get spankings from their firm yet loving Daddy’s to make sure they follow the rules.  Sick babygirl’s get their temperatures taken in there bottoms and other embarrassing care, because it is for there well being.  Sometimes uncles or other littles might come for a visit and there can be fun for all. That lusty list goes on of course but you see where I am going.

Then there is the clean slate factor.  People make mistakes. Fact of life, but I have always been my own worst critic and have a tendency to dwell.  The process of confessing my lapses to Daddy, being made to contemplate my mistake (probably bare-bottomed with my nose in the corner), punished in the agreed upon manner so my lesson is learned, then forgiven and assured I am still Daddy’s little girl, this ritual seems to put the issue to bed and I can let it go far easier then I otherwise would have.

These were just some of the draws that pulled me towards this particular dynamic, I am sure they will be expanded upon and current interests will evolve as I move forward.  I now have a Daddy who is very good and patient while helping me explore my ‘little’ self’.  I have found that interacting with a Daddy instead of just imagining one has been very satisfying and though at first scary was worth the leap.


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