Scavenger hunts & Repurposing

A fun game Daddy introduced me to was repurposing household items into naughty Funtime toys and tools.  A fairly common example would be various kitchen implements that could also be used to make a burning impression on a naughty ‘littles’ bottom.  Well Daddy is a repurposing master,  very ingenious in some respects and surprisingly practical in others.   This came in handy when Daddy first started giving me assignments for playtime or began training my bottom hole for anal.  As I may have mentioned before Our relationship is mostly long distance, with the odd snippet of time together here and there.  This means this Little girl has to keep on practicing without Daddy’s supervision.  

The first obstacle I saw when Daddy, suggested I start taking things in my bottom hole was I don’t have any toys.  And I would blush red as a tomato if I were to go into one of those grown up stores.  This wasn’t a problem for Daddy!  And thus I was introduced to the scavenger hunt.  He sent me looking around my house finding things candles, markers, brush handles ect.  *note usual precautions should be observed.  Use lube, avoid sharp edges and don’t use anything that can get lost inside.   This still had his little girl blushing because although the items found were innocent enough I knew what they were intended for.  I was to take a picture of my scavenged treasures and tell Daddy why I chose each item and what I thought it would feel like when I put it inside.

  He’s playfully suggested that we go to a store and browse around for various household items that we can use for either play or punishment and then he will send me to purchase them as he stands back and watches me blush.  Now I can’t go to a store or use certain household items without considering them more closely and imagining their possible alternate purposes. I have to admit I enjoy going on scavenger hunts and have begun to do them independently without Daddy’s direction.  It is good for experimenting with your various kinks without breaking the budget and you can experiment with some of your ‘maybe’ activities without making an investment on something you are not sure you are going to pursue.  It’s been very beneficial to my bottom training and I have made great strides in the sizes I can take back there.  Last night I had another scavenger hunt to upgrade to a larger size. As the size goes up the more creative you might have to be which adds a fun challenge.


2 thoughts on “Scavenger hunts & Repurposing

  1. Daddy J

    Another great entry, baby girl! Unlike the other “entry” you experienced recently regarding fruit salad. LOL. I think that from now on the term “fruit salad” will forever make me giggle. Hope to see you soon lil one!



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