Meeting Daddy.

When I first posted my profile on Fetlife, I was a mass of nerves.  Until I had created my profile, I had only ever relied on reading various erotica and using my rather fertile imagination to think up some steamy scenarios for self gratification purposes.  The solo act was starting to wane a bit though. There are just something’s better shared with another.  On the other side of the coin there was a looming fear of the unknown as I entered some unexplored territory. So I weighed prod and cons,  dissected possible outcomes, gave myself a pep talk and finally just signed myself up.  I Posted my profile, and took a look around the sight, checking the various discussion groups and posts, but old habits die hard and most of it was observing from the edges, I did not offer opinion or reach out right away.  I used the excuse that baby steps were acceptable.  I did put up a profile, let’s see how the cards fall.  

There was the initial mini flood of welcomes, the odd random I know nothing about you but let’s be friends without exchanging a single word friend requests.  Nothing so scary but nothing overly encouraging.  I decided to sit back and wait for a bit.  That doesn’t mean that I didn’t jump when my notification pinged and eagerly open my message bank when someone reached out. Then I got a message.  It was an actual message, with actual sentences involved.  I have never been a fan of the oh so charming “what’s up?” Line.  So I decided to check out the senders profile.  Again I was pleasantly surprised that he spoke about himself was open about his interests and appeared to be well spoken.  Definitely worth a response, which I promptly gave.  That was when I met my Daddy. We began exchanging messages getting to know eachother and I was surprised at how easy it was to be comfortable and forthright when communicating with him.  PM’s turned to texts and texts turned to flirting, flirting turned into playtime.  The transition was fairly quick, but also seemed to flow quite naturally.  I got butterflies in my belly and could not stop grinning after receiving a text from Daddy.  We have since met in person and have engaged in fun playtime that leaves me both happy and hungry for more.  But I will always be grateful for that first message that led me to meeting Daddy.


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