Recollections: My first playtime.

After texting with Daddy after initial contact, we started to delve deeper into out roles and dynamic.  It is amazing to me how even though we both weren’t physically together how I was able to embrace the sub role and eagerly follow Daddy’s instructions like a good ‘little’ girl. Daddy’s first real task/assignment for me was orgasm denial with a bit of edging play thrown in to get my frustrated juices really flowing.  This was all extremely new to me as I am very much an immediate gratification girl in many aspects of my life.  So when Daddy told me he didn’t want me to orgasm until the next day, I wanted to pout and argue. I wanted to be a good girl more though and my mind knew that this was just the first of many tasks or challenges that would be asked of me if I chose to continue with the lifestyle.  So this little girl said yes Daddy.  I had had that day off and Daddy was very attentive all day as we continued to chat about this and that,  likes vs. no likes, ‘little’ activities I would like to try ect.   Then Daddy sent me to the bedroom,  he gave me very specific instructions on what articles of clothing to take off, what position I should take on the bed, how he wanted me to touch myself, if I should have a toy in my bottom.  Then he told me to play with myself until I was close to cumming.  When I started to get close I was to say out loud “Please Daddy, may I cum?”  Then I had to take my hand away before my release and get dressed again.  I was to text him when I finished my assignment and tell him what I did, how it felt and how I was feeling after.  Just being given such specific instructions and being firmly told that I was not allowed my release without Daddy’s permission, had me aroused and throbbing.  I followed His instructions to the letter, and though it was hard coming so close I stopped before my release.  I was shaking as I redressed myself, but I was surging with pride and eager to report to Daddy.  Daddy responded that he was so proud of me and I have to admit my heart swelled with the accomplishment more as I read those words.  The rest of the Day continued like that,  I remained in a constant state of arousal for the rest of the Day, pretty much constantly texting with Daddy about everything under the sun, but always aware of the throbbing in my nether regions.  Every once and a while Daddy would text me with “I think it’s time for another trip to the bedroom, Babygirl”. My heart would flutter and my breath would catch, but without hesitation I would reply with “yes Daddy.”  The assignments would vary,  sometimes I would have to bring myself to the edge and stop and take myself to the corner and stand there for an allotted time nose to the wall and bare bottom on display and imagining Daddy watching me, then back on the bed to bring myself to the edge again.  1/2 way through the day, Daddy said when I redressed he didn’t want me to wear panties so I would feel how wet I was when I moved around.  There was always another different hurdle to jump with each bedroom session, another addition or adjustment to the scene.  The only things that were the same were the asking for release, denial of release and the reporting back to Daddy after.  Daddy was always so proud and though by the end of this assignment this girl was blushing like crazy, and climbing the walls with frustration, it all seemed worth it when Daddy praised me.  There were a couple of times I attempted to negotiate an earlier release, but wicked Daddy stayed firm and pointed out that he hadn’t specified when the next Day he would allow it.  There was a bit of pouting but no thought of rebellion.  My mind had already embraced the concept of I can cum when Daddy says and that’s that. The next day,  my focus was only on one thing.  I had never been so aware of myself and my desire.  I asked so very politely if I could cum and when Daddy complied, complete with a script orchestrating my every action to get there, I obeyed without question.  I have to admit the result was shattering.  It was very intense when I finally reached the edge and this time plummeted over it.  It seemed only natural that the first words out of my mouth were “Thank you Daddy.”


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