Recollections: Tub time

One of the first “little” activities me and Daddy experimented with was bath time.  One of the first things that drew me to ageplay and DDlg was reading about activities such as this with the nurturing and caregiving undertones.

That being said, it felt a little strange at first being seen to in such a way.  After all this is a task I have been performing independently for as long as I remember, so at first I felt just plain silly sitting there as Daddy cleaned all my nooks and crannies and it was almost reflex reaction to reach for the soap or begin washing my hair.  Daddy was patient but had to firmly remind me that DADDY was giving me a bath.  He had put bubbles in the water which was a welcome distraction and provided a bit of cover for this shy girl, but I was instantly aware and full of blushes when I felt Daddy slide the wash cloth into my more intimate areas.  At that point the bubbles in the tub became downright fascinating my gaze fully focused on the frothy foam. Daddy probably enjoyed this part immensely as he has openly admitted he enjoys making this little girl blush.

Daddy certainly does one mean scalp massage as well and I began melting into the moment when his clever and versatile fingers began massaging the shampoo into my hair.  That was definitely my favourite part.  

Then I was squeaky clean and Daddy bustled me out of the tub and the blushes began again as I stood there in my birthday suit as Daddy dried me then dressed me.  Again reflexive instinct kicked in and Daddy had to remind me who was in charge.  He has an amazingly effective Daddy tone. 

Afterwards I did feel the cared for and nurtured despite my blushes and initial awkwardness.  Next time I think I would do better with more props.  Maybe some tub toys or bath crayons.  Something to keep my hands busy and provide a bit more of a transition into my “little” self.  Me and Daddy have also gotten to know eachother  a bit more so dialogue while Daddy sees to me would be more fluid and easy as my comfort level has grown.

This is definitely an activity, I would like to repeat. So for any of you newer “littles” who are looking to experiment with bath time up say slash away!  But know your Daddy, before you get too rambunctious, my Daddy gave me fair warning if I make too much of a splashy mess he’ll spank my bare wet bottom and I hear that can be extra Ouchie 😉


Indulging my ‘little’ self

I went on an outing…

Yesterday, I went with some friends and their kids to a wildlife exhibit.  I luv animals and there were interactive displays and demos.  The thing I love about these kind of outings most is the kids almost act a as beard for me and I can act ‘little’, without becoming conspicuous, because I am encouraging them at there ‘level’ to get involved.  So there  I was in my bouncing pigtails, my nod to ‘littledom’, darting from one exhibit to the other with my little pals in hand, ooohing at the big snakes aaahhhing at the mighty birds, resisting the urge to shriek and suck my thumb when one of the exhibitors offered to let me hold a tarantula.  

It was a super fun afternoon, and I enjoyed the way I was able to immerse myself into all of the activities with childish glee.  It’s been a while since I have gone on an outing such as this.  I will have to make a point to do it more often.

Position practice session

So I have been getting more into a routine with my position practice.  I used to be fairly sporadic with it as I am a quick learner  so to remember the positions came easily.  But now that some of the positions can be a bit more difficult to hold, I realized that practice wasn’t just for knowing what the positions were.  They were ability to hold, grace of transition and my accuracy of taking the specified position.  So now I do my positions daily, I practice transitions from one various pose to the other, I practice my holding times and every once and a while I add a little challenge.  Last weekend I decided to practice my positions while holding one of my toys in my bottom.  It had to be one of the bigger toys so it wouldn’t fall out, easily anyway.  It was an odd sensation at first and all fluidity I had begun to gain from practice flew out the window as I felt awkward and I was supremely conscious of the possibility of the toy falling out.  It was definitely  thrilling challenge that despite the awkwardness and the extreme case of the blushes it provoked, the sensations were very arousing and I was proud that I had thought of an added supplement to my training that I knew Daddy would be proud of all by myself and just knowing that Daddy was gonna be proud made this little girl  proud.

This is me practicing position 1.

(Slightly modified to accommodate the toy.)

Speaking in code

It may be a little hard to believe because I now have a blog, but unless I am really comfortable around another person I am quite shy.  I also have  difficulty speaking about or asking for some things during playtime.  A prime example is I cannot stand or utter the ‘C’ word.  So Daddy being the nice understanding and problem solving Daddy he is solved the problem by helping me create some code words and phrases, to use during playtime. This tickles my little personality and eases some of my embarrassment and shyness.  These are some of out codes.  

If this babygirl wants to suck Daddy’s cock she tells Daddy by sucking on her thumb.

This babygirl calls her vagina her Kitty

If babygirl  is aroused she says “Daddy I am itchy!”

If  babygirl wants a spanking, she says “Daddy I am cold, brrrrrrr!”  


So I previously posted about an assignment Daddy gave me.   Daddy had denied me permission to have an orgasm alllllll yesterday, with some instructions to tease myself to the edge three times through out the day and post the experience along with some naughty pictures on my blog.  If Daddy was pleased with my compliance and my accounting of this assignment, he would let me cum.  If not I had another day of denial to look forward to.This made yesterday very frustrating, coming so close, but not allowed to finish.  I was super sensitive and fully aroused by the time I had finished my final teasing play session and it took me ages to get to sleep, and there was that little worry that Daddy might think I still needed that extra day.  My dreams were full of naughty senarios and I actually woke up to find my hips gyrating and grinding against the mattress.  I have never been worked up into such a state. I immediately texted Daddy begging for release and hoping he was pleased with his little girls performance.   

Well, I am happy and ever so grateful to report that Daddy was proud of his little girl and granted me the release I was so desperate for.  When I received Daddy’s permission I immediately clamped my nipples and filled my bottom with a large toy as that had been a requirement of my teasing sessions.  I didn’t even remove my Jammie’s, I merely lowered my bottoms to my knees and my shirt was rucked up under my armpits.  Afterwards I was blushing at the picture I must have presented, but in the moment I had only one thing on my mind, my finger immediately started circling my wet and throbbing little kitty and I was there within moments.  I came so hard I forced the toy in my bottom with the strength of my orgasm and I laid in a limp pile on my bed letting the most wonderful sensations rush over me.  The rest of the day seemed to be full of the most delightful aftershocks, and though the arousal was still present all day it was muted.  Despite the frustration of yesterday, when release finally came it was explosive.

THANK YOU DADDY!  Kisses and cuddles from you babygirl.

An assignment

So Daddy’s been keeping up with my blog and says it gives him some insights into my perspective.  So he gave me an assignment to complete.  It certainly shows his understanding of my personality as it has certainly gotten me hot, full of blushes and tests my comfort levels on a couple of things, as well as my desire to please Daddy.

The assignment is that of orgasm denial.  I am not a big fan of orgasm denial (pout).  If only it were that though.  Daddy never just gives me order of you can not cum today.  That would be too simple, I could just pout a bit and find some distractions.  

So these are the details.  I had to play three times today.  During each play session I had to clamp each of my nipples in between two pairs of chopsticks and I had to have something in my bottom.  The rest of my play was up to me, but the rule is when I am playing with myself I had to bring myself right to the edge of orgasm and then stop.  Daddy said I could not come at all today, and he may even extend that another day.  An added  part of the assignment is that I had to take some naughty pictures of my playtime and post them on here.  This is had me blushing instantly and shifting nervously. Just another layer of me exposed.  I don’t have to show my face or any identifying marks, but  Daddy had some specifications to the photos.  The creativity of my little photo shoot will help Daddy decide if I can cum after one day of denial or two.

So for my first play session,  I put my chopsticks on first and I felt that familiar flood of naughty arousal at the first pinch.  I spent some time just playing with my breasts, squeezing the globes together, then plucking my nipples or flicking the chopsticks.  I felt so horny and so empty.  It was time to fill my bottom hole with a toy.  I chose, the largest toy.  Whenever I can I try to use it first just to see if I can take it without prep.  I was able too, but only just.   I slid it in deep and went on my hands and knees and just absorbed the sudden feeling of fullness for a minute.  My bottom almost involuntarily clutched at the toy and my nips throbbed from the pressure of the chopsticks and my kitty was oh so wet and throbby,  I knew if I touched it i would be there in a heartbeat,  so I reached back and grasped the toy and started moving it in and out, slowly at first stopping at the widest part, then faster pumping it in hard and fast.  I was gasping with each thrust my legs tightening.  Then I stopped and got into position one.  I got out my wooden spoon and I reached down and spread my kitty’s already half open lips with the flat part of the spoon, the cool temperature of the spoon had me clenching and rising up a bit on my knees.  Then I slid the edge of the spoon so slowly up and down my slit, then pressed it flat against my mound.  I was so wet, finally I reached down and just lightly touched my itchy little clitty.  Just with the tip of my finger and I was there, teetering at the edge, i jerked my hand away I was afraid I might just fall over, but I throbbed and reached but did not fall.  I groaned out to Daddy for permission and imagined the amusement in his voice  reminding me I couldn’t cum today.   I rolled my hips and whimpered in frustration, but I obeyed.  I pulled the toy out of my bottom, took of the chopsticks and dressed all the while my kitty throbbed and itched.  Daddy doesn’t like it when I wipe away any residual lube, he likes it when I feel all slippery as it reminds me a what I was up too.  So I was all slippery every time it moved and that made me blush.  

I was very distracted for the next few hrs, my arousal ebbed a bit but it was still there when I decided it was time for session two.  This time I clamped my nips with the chopsticks and filled my bottom again with my largest toy, but this time I laid down in open position three.  Then I again took the wooden spoon but this time instead of running it up and down my slit I gave myself a gentle kitty spanking.  Light rapid smacks with the odd sharper one thrown in.  This had my hips bucking and my bottom hole clenched around the toy.  Just this spanking had me at the edge again and I stopped and had to focus on my breathing for a minute.  I removed my toys and shakily got dressed, just as I received a call into work.  Trying to focus and act normal at work was a challenge, it did distract me a little from my predicament, though.

Then session three, it came almost immediately after returning home from work.  This time I clamped my nipples and chose my super sized sharpie for my bottom hole.  It is metal so it was quite chilly when I first pushed it in.  The I lay on my belly on my bed.  The pressure on my clamped nips stung and I squeezed my bum cheeks around my toy as almost involuntarily my hips bucked and writhed and circled.  I blush to think of the picture I presented, but by that time my movements were instinctual, I dared not touch my kitty with anything as I knew that it would bring me over, so I just continued dry humping my bed dancing closer and closer but knowing I wouldn’t be able to reach completion.  I began playing with the toy in my bottom pushing it out with my muscles then lightly tapping it back in with gentle taps on the end or pushing it in with my finger on the end rotating it in tiny little circles.  And again I was there.  I froze and rode out that desperate wave of need, then I slowly removed my toys and got off the bed.  I noticed a wet patch on the sheets where I have my grinding and blushed bright red.

So I have completed my assignment.  Now I have to wait to see if Daddy will let me cum in the morning or make me wait another day.  I have a feeling sleep will be difficult tonight.  It feels like the wrong move had me close to the edge.  

Corner time

I am sure there are many ‘littles’ out there who have experienced cornertime.  My Daddy seems to enjoy sending this little girl to the corner, be it for punishment or sometimes it seems just to get me all blushy and squirmy and embarrassed. 

For me cornertime has exactly that effect.  The hardest part is trying not to fidget. Whenever I am standing with my nose stuck in the corner and my bared bottom on display to the room, I want nothing more then to shift my feet or use my hands as a shield, I feel completely exposed. Sometimes there is an allotted time I am to spend there (usually as part of an assignment), other times I just have to remain there until Daddy says I can come out (usually during a punishment). Either way I have no clock in my vision to log the passing time and it seems like I am there forever.

Corner time is definitely effective in helping me transition into my ‘little’ persona and making me aware of my submissive nature.  After all, there are no restraints, I am there because Daddy sent me there and I want to please him.

When Daddy sends me to the corner as part of a scene or assignment, He usually gives me something to contemplate while I am in there, whether it be my current state of emotions, my level of arousal (yes, despite my embarrassment, I have to admit I am usually dripping wet), or an upcoming maintenance session so I can build some anticipation.  At first my mind whirls around and I am unable to focus almost like I am in a panic, so I am grateful to have something specific to think about.  Then even as I begin my contemplation I become hyper aware of my state of undress and exposure, that’s when the blushing and the need to fidget begins.  Those sensations stay with me for the entire time I stand there in the corner, even if I am alone I feel Daddy’s eyes on me.  Time seems to drag but I still jump in surprise when the alert goes off signalling the end of my time.  My first instinct is to dive into bed and bury myself under the covers.

If I get corner time during a punishment it usually falls at the halfway mark.  This means I have a burning red bottom from a hard hand spanking from Daddy and he has sent me there, possibly with something in my bottom hole to be held during my confinement, as he prepares for the second part of my correction.  This usually includes another spanking this time with an implement he chooses or makes me choose and sometimes a more specified punishment to suit the particular infraction eg. Mouth soaping, for fibbing or sneaking a smoke.  Daddy doesn’t give me a topic to think about, my mind is contemplating what it should be;my punishment.  I feel the benefits of the part of my punishment I have already received as I worry about the next faze.  All the while I hear Daddy’s movements in the background as he lays items he may need out and moves about the room.  Then there is silence and I feel his eyes upon me for however long he wishes.  Sometimes he asks me to voice how I am feeling.  Speaking the words can be difficult, and I usually use my whispery voice. I am always a contrite little girl.

Then there are the few times I actually put myself in the corner.  I find this hard to understand, because I don’t like cornertime, but sometimes I NEED to put myself there. To allow the submissiveness of the action to guide me.  Or I know I have an upcoming punishment and it seems the appropriate place to contemplate what I did to earn the punishment.  When I put myself in the corner I am fully nude and I sometimes rub some icy/hot on my bum cheeks and nipples.  This makes me feel the air in the room on my sensitive bits and heightens the embarrassing feeling of exposure.

So I have to admit, cornertime is a very effective tool to use on this little one.  It always gains a reaction and is very successful at putting me in my place.

This little one’s training: Anal

Another thing Daddy has begun training me in is anal training.  I have to admit I am quite the anal erotic.  It was one if my original interests when I began my sexplorations.  So this training, though it frequently has this little girl breaking out into blushes and has her squirming with guilty pleasure, has me cooperating whole heartedly with Daddy’s directions.  Currently the main objective is to learn to accommodate Daddy back there, so Daddy has me practicing with larger and larger items so I will loosen up and relax.  He incorporated the requirement of me having something in my bottom during play early on.  First super small eg.thermometer. Then graduating up, sharpies, carrots, brush handles (the list goes on)

I have to admit I was a little surprised and disheartened at how tight I was in that area, during some earlier experimentations just two of Daddy’s fingers had me feel like I would be split in two.  So I have been diligent practicing and with the help of other blog postings about repurposing items into anal toys and going on a couple of fun scavenger hunts (a sure fire way to bring the exuberant ‘little in me’) I have quite successful in graduating up to larger and larger sizes.  The next time Daddy and I get together for some playtime, we are gonna try again to see if I am able to accept him.

  There is a lot of play that I hope to explore and experiment with in this area of play, temperatures, long term wear butt plugs, enemas, milking.  I am blushing right now just admitting it.  I just find a lot of these activities would fit well into a lot of roleplay senarios and I find submitting in this way is the ultimate power exchange.

Do Daddies like a Bratty ‘little’?

I have been pondering this concept for a while now.  Granted most of my references come from ageplay fiction, but I notice a large number of main character ‘littles’ display rash, defiant and downright bratty behaviour.  Their Daddy’s are always having to correct them for over the top pranks, self endangering behaviour, or extreme attitude.  In my readings the initial reaction of the Daddy’s range when they discover an unacceptable antic, but the undercurrent message is usually of amusement and even contentment while they are doling out their firm guidance. Now I understand what I am reading is fiction and authors have a storyline to develope with rises and falls, conflict and resolution, but the question I have is from a Daddy’s point of view do they prefer a Bratty ‘little’?  Or is the message being sent out to all the ‘littles’ that Daddies love their little ones, just as they are bad behaviour and all? 


My own basic personality is that of a people pleaser and of one always willing to help.  I DO like being coddled and guided, and taken care of, but it is still a little difficult accepting such attention as I have gotten so used to being independent and/or a caregiver to others.  I very rarely make mistakes and when I do, I am usually riddled with guilt and contrition.  So my initial reaction has always been to walk the straight and narrow, and rebellion is not something I am prone to display.  Is that boring?  Is there such a thing as too good or too obedient?

I identify with littledom because I have always craved a guiding nuturing hand that allows me to let go of the stress of day to day life and give up control. I also like that if I DO make a mistake, there is a consequence that once dealt with all will be forgiven and things move forward, though I still try to avoid behaviour that’s gonna earn Daddy’s punishment. I have also maintained a childlike enjoyment in younger activities and I also have always been the clown and the performer, I really enjoy making people laugh so I guess I could be considered precocious but I don’t think I could ever let myself go enough to be a brat.  

 Daddy seems happy with his babygirl, and hasn’t given me any indication that he finds me wanting in that way, but I have a tendency to over analyse and stew over issues that aren’t really issues.  I know that all relationships and dynamics are unique as well, but just putting it out there to see what other people in this particular zone think.  If any other ‘littles’ or even Daddy’s have an opinion on this question feel free to share, I am always open to more real life accounts since I am so new to this lifestyle.

This little one’s training: Positions

Soon after we started interacting, Daddy started giving me some tasks and assignments as well starting some training.  I am eager to please Daddy and and practice my training as much as my schedule allows.  I find I like the structure of a training program.  It gives me goals to achieve and Daddy is always giving me praise which makes so proud and happy that I have pleased Him.  One of the training programs this little girl has is position training,  Daddy started me off with three positions which I had to memorize and practice and (blush) send him pictures of me in each position.  He had begin adding to the list of positions periodically.  I am currently up to 5 positions that I have to have memorized and practice.  It’s a fairly easy number at this point and I have not earned any punishments or corrections as of yet when Daddy had tested my memory.  The hardest part for me in this program is getting past the embarrassment while I am practicing,  most of the positions have me open and exposed and I feel a little silly as I practice and take pictures of me in the various poses.  When we are together however and Daddy asks me to take one of my positions however, I find it much easier to preform as i am eager for his praise.  Below is a list of my positions to date.

Position #1:  baby girl is on her knee sitting back on her heels.  Her knees have to be spread wide open for Daddy and her chest needs to be thrust out and her arms are folded behind her back.  Babygirl has to be looking straight ahead with her mouth open.  Daddy says he likes his little girl in this position because it leaves her exposed and he can play with my sensitive little nipples or take my mouth.  This position is fairly easy to get into and moderate to maintain depending on the flooring it can be a little hard on Babygirl’s knees.

Position #2:  The knee chest position.  In this position this Babygirl is on her knees leaning forward with her chest resting on the ground.  Daddy likes me to have my knees far apart, my back arched slightly and my arms laying down the length of my body palms facing up. He says that is so I can easily reach up and spread my cheeks for Daddy when he tells me to. He likes this position because it exposes both my naughty holes.  I am usually put in this position when Daddy is there and able to contribute to my bottom training.  This position is easy to get into and one of the easiest to maintain, I feel VERY exposed in this position but it has the added benifit of hiding my face and my blushes.

Position #3:  The diaper position.  This position has babygirl laying on her back with her legs held up in the air her arms holding her legs at about the knees.  Her bottom should be raised slightly off the surface that she is lying on.  This position has an open variation where Babygirl has to grasp each leg behind the knee and spread each leg wide to the side.  This position is easier to hold physically in the open variation but there is much less ability to ‘hide’ while in it.

Position #4:  The Caning position.  This position had Babygirl standing with her legs apart and she had to lean forward with her palms resting on the ground and her legs straight.  This keeps the skin around babygirl’s bottom taught and again both of her naughty holes are exposed.  This is so far my hardest position physically.  My balance seems kinda precarious and holding it for any length of time I start feeling the strain in the backs of my legs.

Position#5:  The Sims position.   This position has Babygirl laying on her left side her left arm is behind her in line with her back and her left leg is straight.  Her right leg is bent in front of her in a 90 degree angle so she is lying slightly forward opening up her bottom cheeks and her right arm is also at a 90 degree angle in front of her palm down and resting by babygirl’s head.  This is the position Daddy wants babygirl to take when he gives her her first enema.  Babygirl is both nervous and anxious for this as she is intrigued by the power exchange possibilities of enema play.  This position is quite easy to hold as it is a resting position.

Babygirl had a all these positions memorized and practices them daily so she can maintain them for longer lengths of time.  As soon as I assume any of these positions I find it amazing how my sub self takes the foreground immediately and I am able to shed my everyday me and please my Daddy.