Recollections: My first spanking

I still get shivers and thrills through my body, when I think back to my first spanking.  Daddy and I had been chatting and texting for a few weeks at that point.  He had given me a few various naughty assignments to complete and had choreographed various playtime senarios for me to act out and report back to him.  All of these activities were very satisfying and I was losing some of my inhibitions and just having fun with this world that I had finally embraced.  Then Daddy started teasing his little girl with senarios of what would happen once we were able to meet up.  How he would spank my bottom red,  how he would use his fingers and mouth on my naughty bits.  I had already been having my own daydreams about what would happen when we were finally together physically,  the anticipation and curiosity soon became overwhelming. How would a spanking really feel?  Reading spanking fiction and even accountings of other spankos on their blogs had always aroused me obviously, but my logical brain still couldn’t grasp how Ouchie=Yummy.  I was dying to find out for myself because if the accountings I read were accurate then I had been missing out on something exceptional almost cathartic, but there was a nugget of fear.  Whay if my imagination had blown this experience out of proportion?  What if I wasn’t an actual spanko and a hand applied to my bottom was just an embarrassing and painful experience?  I became almost impatient to find out one way or the other just so I would know.                     Then one day I got a text from Daddy that he was in my neck of the woods, that day and evening and if I was free we could meet up even for a coffee, to have a face to face.  My heart fluttered and my breathing patterns went haywire, with the realization that this was actually happening.   I confirmed that I would be able to meet him, but I knew that I would be nearly unintelligible from nerves, so suggested we play first and talk later.  Daddy was very attentive that day,  texting to check in and see how I was feeling, also giving me some hints about his plans for me and my bottom.  He sent me pics from his tool chest with various implements.  With each message my anticipation grew.  Daddy is a master when it comes to building the mood.  Then the time rolled around to meet, there was a slight speed bump we had. Where to meet, I have roommates not into the scene and are not privy to my interests and I was leary of a hotel as I wasn’t sure of my reactions and how loud we would be.   We wound up actually regressing to out teenaged years and found a secluded spot in the country.   Then there he was my Daddy.  He met me with an understanding smile and a kiss and a cuddle, I had been nearly hyperventilating at this point, but when Daddy wrapped me in his arms I nearly melted into a puddle of relief.   We chatted for a short bit, Daddy soothing some of my worries and then he began outlining his plans for the evening.  This little girl was indeed gonna get her first spanking both with his hand and with one of the implements he brought with him. Daddy wanted his little girl to have an idea of what she would get if she made any bad choices and needed Daddy’s correction.  He explained it would be harder then a playtime spanking, but less intense then a bad girl spanking.  Then his tone got more firm and I had no illusions as to who was now firmly in control as he took me by the hand and guided me into the backseat.  I followed obediently and thrilled at sensation of being taken in hand.  I  just let go and allowed Daddy to call the shots.  He ordered me to strip and gently assisted me in removing my clothes.  Then he told me to lay myself over his lap,  my heart beat sped up and I blushed, but I didn’t hesitate as I moved into position his hands gently guiding me.  He the told me I could call out and cry but to keep my hands out of the way,  his hand was gentle as it caressed my bare bottom.  I cleared my throat a bit and managed to whisper “yes Daddy” In response.  Then it began.  Daddy started with firm swats,  they weren’t full out Ouchie, but they certainly got my attention, I gasped in shock and felt the sting in one cheek followed quickly by a sting in the other.  I fisted my hands in front of me on the seat as I felt at first the individual shocks of each smack.  My bottom would jump slightly at each impact and soon I began to feel a burning tingly sensation start to radiate from my rear end.  I began to yelp at each impact, my legs began to move.  Soon my reactions became more instinctual, like I had no control over my movements.  I began making promises to be a good girl,  my legs were now churning in constant motion. Daddy firmly continued his motion, responding with calm and assured platitudes as I more feverishly promised to be the most perfect little girl in the world.  At my first whimper his hand stopped smacking and began  caressing my burning and tingly bottom with ilhis warm hand.  I took a deep breath and took stock.  As soon as Daddy stopped smacking the burning began to fade leaving me with the tingles in the forefront.  I was breathing heavier, but I had not moved my hands from the seat in front of me and my bottom seemed to be rising up into Daddy’s caress.  I was also most definitely wet.  Daddy told me how proud he was of me for taking my first part of the spanking and I FELT proud when I heard Daddy praising me.  Then Daddy brought out the two implements he brought with him.  He told me I could choose which one I would be spanked with for part two.  I blushed, and hid my face.   He sat calmly and  patiently holding a wooden hairbrush in one hand and a wooden spoon in the other.  I gulped and stared at the two items he held my eyes drifting more and more to the hairbrush.  My memory bank opened up as I recalled a number of scenes in novels involving a hairbrush,  little jolts of electricity seemed to flow into my privates as I finally cleared my throat and asked for the Hairbrush.  Again my cheeks were flooded with red as I realized what I was asking for.  Daddy smiled and assisted me back into position and adjusted me slightly so my bottom was a bit higher up,  he then asked me to place my hands behind my back and when I complied and he secured then in his other hand my stomach fluttered in a bit of panic, but I remained still.  When Daddy began again, the burning from before that had muted flared to life immediately and began to intensify, the smacks with the brush were more thudding and each stroke drew a verbal response,  the air was filled with “ouch!”, “owie!”, “Daddy!” “I’m sorry!”  Nearly every apology and promise I could think of, but I don’t think to stay stop.  I was a kicking, burning, yelling mess,  there was nothing else in my mind but what was happening right then.  Then the spanking suddenly stopped and I was back in Daddy’s arms being cuddled and hushed and assured that it was over.  I curled into him, whimpering and sniffing and wincing at where my punished bottom touched his lap, but not wanting to be anywhere else.  Daddy again said how proud he was of me and my spanking was over.  I wrapping my arms around him and hid my face in his chest as he asked me how I felt.  I blushed because despite the Ouchie I knew I was wet and horny and I had a burning desire to touch my bottom.  I reached down gently and felt the heat coming from my punished bottom as well as the almost welted texture.  I was fascinated by the sensations and it all clicked what the fuss was all about.  I don’t know exactly what it was,  the giving over of power,  the embarrassment at such an exposing intimate punishment, the sense of pride at pleasing Daddy.  I didn’t know what caused it, but I did know that with just that one experience I had become addicted to spankings.  Daddy then Rewarded this little girl with lots and lots of yummy orgasms with his fingers and his mouth.  He was very generous all Babygirl had to do was ask to cum and he let over and over again.  He explored every part of me, and for the first time I luxuriated in such intimate inspection, there were plenty of blushes yes, but I felt little desire to hide myself as I have been prone to do in the past.  He even fingered my little bottom hole, and gifted me with my first butt plug that night so I could begin my bottom hole training.  I  also got to explore my Daddy a bit and was so proud when I sucked his cock to orgasm.   After we played we just lay cuddled up and chatted through the afterglow.  I still felt the sting in my tender bottom but embraced the pain as a souvenir of that night.  I have since had more spankings.  One was a punishment spanking for not following one of Daddy’s rules,  and it made the intended impression.  Some were the more playful variety, which can get me hotter than hot in seconds.  I am eager to explore and compare more In the future.


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