This little one’s training: Positions

Soon after we started interacting, Daddy started giving me some tasks and assignments as well starting some training.  I am eager to please Daddy and and practice my training as much as my schedule allows.  I find I like the structure of a training program.  It gives me goals to achieve and Daddy is always giving me praise which makes so proud and happy that I have pleased Him.  One of the training programs this little girl has is position training,  Daddy started me off with three positions which I had to memorize and practice and (blush) send him pictures of me in each position.  He had begin adding to the list of positions periodically.  I am currently up to 5 positions that I have to have memorized and practice.  It’s a fairly easy number at this point and I have not earned any punishments or corrections as of yet when Daddy had tested my memory.  The hardest part for me in this program is getting past the embarrassment while I am practicing,  most of the positions have me open and exposed and I feel a little silly as I practice and take pictures of me in the various poses.  When we are together however and Daddy asks me to take one of my positions however, I find it much easier to preform as i am eager for his praise.  Below is a list of my positions to date.

Position #1:  baby girl is on her knee sitting back on her heels.  Her knees have to be spread wide open for Daddy and her chest needs to be thrust out and her arms are folded behind her back.  Babygirl has to be looking straight ahead with her mouth open.  Daddy says he likes his little girl in this position because it leaves her exposed and he can play with my sensitive little nipples or take my mouth.  This position is fairly easy to get into and moderate to maintain depending on the flooring it can be a little hard on Babygirl’s knees.

Position #2:  The knee chest position.  In this position this Babygirl is on her knees leaning forward with her chest resting on the ground.  Daddy likes me to have my knees far apart, my back arched slightly and my arms laying down the length of my body palms facing up. He says that is so I can easily reach up and spread my cheeks for Daddy when he tells me to. He likes this position because it exposes both my naughty holes.  I am usually put in this position when Daddy is there and able to contribute to my bottom training.  This position is easy to get into and one of the easiest to maintain, I feel VERY exposed in this position but it has the added benifit of hiding my face and my blushes.

Position #3:  The diaper position.  This position has babygirl laying on her back with her legs held up in the air her arms holding her legs at about the knees.  Her bottom should be raised slightly off the surface that she is lying on.  This position has an open variation where Babygirl has to grasp each leg behind the knee and spread each leg wide to the side.  This position is easier to hold physically in the open variation but there is much less ability to ‘hide’ while in it.

Position #4:  The Caning position.  This position had Babygirl standing with her legs apart and she had to lean forward with her palms resting on the ground and her legs straight.  This keeps the skin around babygirl’s bottom taught and again both of her naughty holes are exposed.  This is so far my hardest position physically.  My balance seems kinda precarious and holding it for any length of time I start feeling the strain in the backs of my legs.

Position#5:  The Sims position.   This position has Babygirl laying on her left side her left arm is behind her in line with her back and her left leg is straight.  Her right leg is bent in front of her in a 90 degree angle so she is lying slightly forward opening up her bottom cheeks and her right arm is also at a 90 degree angle in front of her palm down and resting by babygirl’s head.  This is the position Daddy wants babygirl to take when he gives her her first enema.  Babygirl is both nervous and anxious for this as she is intrigued by the power exchange possibilities of enema play.  This position is quite easy to hold as it is a resting position.

Babygirl had a all these positions memorized and practices them daily so she can maintain them for longer lengths of time.  As soon as I assume any of these positions I find it amazing how my sub self takes the foreground immediately and I am able to shed my everyday me and please my Daddy.


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