Do Daddies like a Bratty ‘little’?

I have been pondering this concept for a while now.  Granted most of my references come from ageplay fiction, but I notice a large number of main character ‘littles’ display rash, defiant and downright bratty behaviour.  Their Daddy’s are always having to correct them for over the top pranks, self endangering behaviour, or extreme attitude.  In my readings the initial reaction of the Daddy’s range when they discover an unacceptable antic, but the undercurrent message is usually of amusement and even contentment while they are doling out their firm guidance. Now I understand what I am reading is fiction and authors have a storyline to develope with rises and falls, conflict and resolution, but the question I have is from a Daddy’s point of view do they prefer a Bratty ‘little’?  Or is the message being sent out to all the ‘littles’ that Daddies love their little ones, just as they are bad behaviour and all? 


My own basic personality is that of a people pleaser and of one always willing to help.  I DO like being coddled and guided, and taken care of, but it is still a little difficult accepting such attention as I have gotten so used to being independent and/or a caregiver to others.  I very rarely make mistakes and when I do, I am usually riddled with guilt and contrition.  So my initial reaction has always been to walk the straight and narrow, and rebellion is not something I am prone to display.  Is that boring?  Is there such a thing as too good or too obedient?

I identify with littledom because I have always craved a guiding nuturing hand that allows me to let go of the stress of day to day life and give up control. I also like that if I DO make a mistake, there is a consequence that once dealt with all will be forgiven and things move forward, though I still try to avoid behaviour that’s gonna earn Daddy’s punishment. I have also maintained a childlike enjoyment in younger activities and I also have always been the clown and the performer, I really enjoy making people laugh so I guess I could be considered precocious but I don’t think I could ever let myself go enough to be a brat.  

 Daddy seems happy with his babygirl, and hasn’t given me any indication that he finds me wanting in that way, but I have a tendency to over analyse and stew over issues that aren’t really issues.  I know that all relationships and dynamics are unique as well, but just putting it out there to see what other people in this particular zone think.  If any other ‘littles’ or even Daddy’s have an opinion on this question feel free to share, I am always open to more real life accounts since I am so new to this lifestyle.


2 thoughts on “Do Daddies like a Bratty ‘little’?

  1. Thorium

    I would prefer a well behaved little over a brat. It doesn’t make it boring for me at all, honestly. I enjoy a little’s child-like personality and the baby-talk; I would prefer to not punish my little if possible. I also have an extreme dislike for conflict, so that may play a factor as well (and there’s also the fact that I’m not a sadist). My 2¢


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