Corner time

I am sure there are many ‘littles’ out there who have experienced cornertime.  My Daddy seems to enjoy sending this little girl to the corner, be it for punishment or sometimes it seems just to get me all blushy and squirmy and embarrassed. 

For me cornertime has exactly that effect.  The hardest part is trying not to fidget. Whenever I am standing with my nose stuck in the corner and my bared bottom on display to the room, I want nothing more then to shift my feet or use my hands as a shield, I feel completely exposed. Sometimes there is an allotted time I am to spend there (usually as part of an assignment), other times I just have to remain there until Daddy says I can come out (usually during a punishment). Either way I have no clock in my vision to log the passing time and it seems like I am there forever.

Corner time is definitely effective in helping me transition into my ‘little’ persona and making me aware of my submissive nature.  After all, there are no restraints, I am there because Daddy sent me there and I want to please him.

When Daddy sends me to the corner as part of a scene or assignment, He usually gives me something to contemplate while I am in there, whether it be my current state of emotions, my level of arousal (yes, despite my embarrassment, I have to admit I am usually dripping wet), or an upcoming maintenance session so I can build some anticipation.  At first my mind whirls around and I am unable to focus almost like I am in a panic, so I am grateful to have something specific to think about.  Then even as I begin my contemplation I become hyper aware of my state of undress and exposure, that’s when the blushing and the need to fidget begins.  Those sensations stay with me for the entire time I stand there in the corner, even if I am alone I feel Daddy’s eyes on me.  Time seems to drag but I still jump in surprise when the alert goes off signalling the end of my time.  My first instinct is to dive into bed and bury myself under the covers.

If I get corner time during a punishment it usually falls at the halfway mark.  This means I have a burning red bottom from a hard hand spanking from Daddy and he has sent me there, possibly with something in my bottom hole to be held during my confinement, as he prepares for the second part of my correction.  This usually includes another spanking this time with an implement he chooses or makes me choose and sometimes a more specified punishment to suit the particular infraction eg. Mouth soaping, for fibbing or sneaking a smoke.  Daddy doesn’t give me a topic to think about, my mind is contemplating what it should be;my punishment.  I feel the benefits of the part of my punishment I have already received as I worry about the next faze.  All the while I hear Daddy’s movements in the background as he lays items he may need out and moves about the room.  Then there is silence and I feel his eyes upon me for however long he wishes.  Sometimes he asks me to voice how I am feeling.  Speaking the words can be difficult, and I usually use my whispery voice. I am always a contrite little girl.

Then there are the few times I actually put myself in the corner.  I find this hard to understand, because I don’t like cornertime, but sometimes I NEED to put myself there. To allow the submissiveness of the action to guide me.  Or I know I have an upcoming punishment and it seems the appropriate place to contemplate what I did to earn the punishment.  When I put myself in the corner I am fully nude and I sometimes rub some icy/hot on my bum cheeks and nipples.  This makes me feel the air in the room on my sensitive bits and heightens the embarrassing feeling of exposure.

So I have to admit, cornertime is a very effective tool to use on this little one.  It always gains a reaction and is very successful at putting me in my place.


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