This little one’s training: Anal

Another thing Daddy has begun training me in is anal training.  I have to admit I am quite the anal erotic.  It was one if my original interests when I began my sexplorations.  So this training, though it frequently has this little girl breaking out into blushes and has her squirming with guilty pleasure, has me cooperating whole heartedly with Daddy’s directions.  Currently the main objective is to learn to accommodate Daddy back there, so Daddy has me practicing with larger and larger items so I will loosen up and relax.  He incorporated the requirement of me having something in my bottom during play early on.  First super small eg.thermometer. Then graduating up, sharpies, carrots, brush handles (the list goes on)

I have to admit I was a little surprised and disheartened at how tight I was in that area, during some earlier experimentations just two of Daddy’s fingers had me feel like I would be split in two.  So I have been diligent practicing and with the help of other blog postings about repurposing items into anal toys and going on a couple of fun scavenger hunts (a sure fire way to bring the exuberant ‘little in me’) I have quite successful in graduating up to larger and larger sizes.  The next time Daddy and I get together for some playtime, we are gonna try again to see if I am able to accept him.

  There is a lot of play that I hope to explore and experiment with in this area of play, temperatures, long term wear butt plugs, enemas, milking.  I am blushing right now just admitting it.  I just find a lot of these activities would fit well into a lot of roleplay senarios and I find submitting in this way is the ultimate power exchange.


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