An assignment

So Daddy’s been keeping up with my blog and says it gives him some insights into my perspective.  So he gave me an assignment to complete.  It certainly shows his understanding of my personality as it has certainly gotten me hot, full of blushes and tests my comfort levels on a couple of things, as well as my desire to please Daddy.

The assignment is that of orgasm denial.  I am not a big fan of orgasm denial (pout).  If only it were that though.  Daddy never just gives me order of you can not cum today.  That would be too simple, I could just pout a bit and find some distractions.  

So these are the details.  I had to play three times today.  During each play session I had to clamp each of my nipples in between two pairs of chopsticks and I had to have something in my bottom.  The rest of my play was up to me, but the rule is when I am playing with myself I had to bring myself right to the edge of orgasm and then stop.  Daddy said I could not come at all today, and he may even extend that another day.  An added  part of the assignment is that I had to take some naughty pictures of my playtime and post them on here.  This is had me blushing instantly and shifting nervously. Just another layer of me exposed.  I don’t have to show my face or any identifying marks, but  Daddy had some specifications to the photos.  The creativity of my little photo shoot will help Daddy decide if I can cum after one day of denial or two.

So for my first play session,  I put my chopsticks on first and I felt that familiar flood of naughty arousal at the first pinch.  I spent some time just playing with my breasts, squeezing the globes together, then plucking my nipples or flicking the chopsticks.  I felt so horny and so empty.  It was time to fill my bottom hole with a toy.  I chose, the largest toy.  Whenever I can I try to use it first just to see if I can take it without prep.  I was able too, but only just.   I slid it in deep and went on my hands and knees and just absorbed the sudden feeling of fullness for a minute.  My bottom almost involuntarily clutched at the toy and my nips throbbed from the pressure of the chopsticks and my kitty was oh so wet and throbby,  I knew if I touched it i would be there in a heartbeat,  so I reached back and grasped the toy and started moving it in and out, slowly at first stopping at the widest part, then faster pumping it in hard and fast.  I was gasping with each thrust my legs tightening.  Then I stopped and got into position one.  I got out my wooden spoon and I reached down and spread my kitty’s already half open lips with the flat part of the spoon, the cool temperature of the spoon had me clenching and rising up a bit on my knees.  Then I slid the edge of the spoon so slowly up and down my slit, then pressed it flat against my mound.  I was so wet, finally I reached down and just lightly touched my itchy little clitty.  Just with the tip of my finger and I was there, teetering at the edge, i jerked my hand away I was afraid I might just fall over, but I throbbed and reached but did not fall.  I groaned out to Daddy for permission and imagined the amusement in his voice  reminding me I couldn’t cum today.   I rolled my hips and whimpered in frustration, but I obeyed.  I pulled the toy out of my bottom, took of the chopsticks and dressed all the while my kitty throbbed and itched.  Daddy doesn’t like it when I wipe away any residual lube, he likes it when I feel all slippery as it reminds me a what I was up too.  So I was all slippery every time it moved and that made me blush.  

I was very distracted for the next few hrs, my arousal ebbed a bit but it was still there when I decided it was time for session two.  This time I clamped my nips with the chopsticks and filled my bottom again with my largest toy, but this time I laid down in open position three.  Then I again took the wooden spoon but this time instead of running it up and down my slit I gave myself a gentle kitty spanking.  Light rapid smacks with the odd sharper one thrown in.  This had my hips bucking and my bottom hole clenched around the toy.  Just this spanking had me at the edge again and I stopped and had to focus on my breathing for a minute.  I removed my toys and shakily got dressed, just as I received a call into work.  Trying to focus and act normal at work was a challenge, it did distract me a little from my predicament, though.

Then session three, it came almost immediately after returning home from work.  This time I clamped my nipples and chose my super sized sharpie for my bottom hole.  It is metal so it was quite chilly when I first pushed it in.  The I lay on my belly on my bed.  The pressure on my clamped nips stung and I squeezed my bum cheeks around my toy as almost involuntarily my hips bucked and writhed and circled.  I blush to think of the picture I presented, but by that time my movements were instinctual, I dared not touch my kitty with anything as I knew that it would bring me over, so I just continued dry humping my bed dancing closer and closer but knowing I wouldn’t be able to reach completion.  I began playing with the toy in my bottom pushing it out with my muscles then lightly tapping it back in with gentle taps on the end or pushing it in with my finger on the end rotating it in tiny little circles.  And again I was there.  I froze and rode out that desperate wave of need, then I slowly removed my toys and got off the bed.  I noticed a wet patch on the sheets where I have my grinding and blushed bright red.

So I have completed my assignment.  Now I have to wait to see if Daddy will let me cum in the morning or make me wait another day.  I have a feeling sleep will be difficult tonight.  It feels like the wrong move had me close to the edge.  


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