So I previously posted about an assignment Daddy gave me.   Daddy had denied me permission to have an orgasm alllllll yesterday, with some instructions to tease myself to the edge three times through out the day and post the experience along with some naughty pictures on my blog.  If Daddy was pleased with my compliance and my accounting of this assignment, he would let me cum.  If not I had another day of denial to look forward to.This made yesterday very frustrating, coming so close, but not allowed to finish.  I was super sensitive and fully aroused by the time I had finished my final teasing play session and it took me ages to get to sleep, and there was that little worry that Daddy might think I still needed that extra day.  My dreams were full of naughty senarios and I actually woke up to find my hips gyrating and grinding against the mattress.  I have never been worked up into such a state. I immediately texted Daddy begging for release and hoping he was pleased with his little girls performance.   

Well, I am happy and ever so grateful to report that Daddy was proud of his little girl and granted me the release I was so desperate for.  When I received Daddy’s permission I immediately clamped my nipples and filled my bottom with a large toy as that had been a requirement of my teasing sessions.  I didn’t even remove my Jammie’s, I merely lowered my bottoms to my knees and my shirt was rucked up under my armpits.  Afterwards I was blushing at the picture I must have presented, but in the moment I had only one thing on my mind, my finger immediately started circling my wet and throbbing little kitty and I was there within moments.  I came so hard I forced the toy in my bottom with the strength of my orgasm and I laid in a limp pile on my bed letting the most wonderful sensations rush over me.  The rest of the day seemed to be full of the most delightful aftershocks, and though the arousal was still present all day it was muted.  Despite the frustration of yesterday, when release finally came it was explosive.

THANK YOU DADDY!  Kisses and cuddles from you babygirl.


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