Speaking in code

It may be a little hard to believe because I now have a blog, but unless I am really comfortable around another person I am quite shy.  I also have  difficulty speaking about or asking for some things during playtime.  A prime example is I cannot stand or utter the ‘C’ word.  So Daddy being the nice understanding and problem solving Daddy he is solved the problem by helping me create some code words and phrases, to use during playtime. This tickles my little personality and eases some of my embarrassment and shyness.  These are some of out codes.  

If this babygirl wants to suck Daddy’s cock she tells Daddy by sucking on her thumb.

This babygirl calls her vagina her Kitty

If babygirl  is aroused she says “Daddy I am itchy!”

If  babygirl wants a spanking, she says “Daddy I am cold, brrrrrrr!”  


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