Position practice session

So I have been getting more into a routine with my position practice.  I used to be fairly sporadic with it as I am a quick learner  so to remember the positions came easily.  But now that some of the positions can be a bit more difficult to hold, I realized that practice wasn’t just for knowing what the positions were.  They were ability to hold, grace of transition and my accuracy of taking the specified position.  So now I do my positions daily, I practice transitions from one various pose to the other, I practice my holding times and every once and a while I add a little challenge.  Last weekend I decided to practice my positions while holding one of my toys in my bottom.  It had to be one of the bigger toys so it wouldn’t fall out, easily anyway.  It was an odd sensation at first and all fluidity I had begun to gain from practice flew out the window as I felt awkward and I was supremely conscious of the possibility of the toy falling out.  It was definitely  thrilling challenge that despite the awkwardness and the extreme case of the blushes it provoked, the sensations were very arousing and I was proud that I had thought of an added supplement to my training that I knew Daddy would be proud of all by myself and just knowing that Daddy was gonna be proud made this little girl  proud.

This is me practicing position 1.

(Slightly modified to accommodate the toy.)


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