Indulging my ‘little’ self

I went on an outing…

Yesterday, I went with some friends and their kids to a wildlife exhibit.  I luv animals and there were interactive displays and demos.  The thing I love about these kind of outings most is the kids almost act a as beard for me and I can act ‘little’, without becoming conspicuous, because I am encouraging them at there ‘level’ to get involved.  So there  I was in my bouncing pigtails, my nod to ‘littledom’, darting from one exhibit to the other with my little pals in hand, ooohing at the big snakes aaahhhing at the mighty birds, resisting the urge to shriek and suck my thumb when one of the exhibitors offered to let me hold a tarantula.  

It was a super fun afternoon, and I enjoyed the way I was able to immerse myself into all of the activities with childish glee.  It’s been a while since I have gone on an outing such as this.  I will have to make a point to do it more often.


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