Recollections: Tub time

One of the first “little” activities me and Daddy experimented with was bath time.  One of the first things that drew me to ageplay and DDlg was reading about activities such as this with the nurturing and caregiving undertones.

That being said, it felt a little strange at first being seen to in such a way.  After all this is a task I have been performing independently for as long as I remember, so at first I felt just plain silly sitting there as Daddy cleaned all my nooks and crannies and it was almost reflex reaction to reach for the soap or begin washing my hair.  Daddy was patient but had to firmly remind me that DADDY was giving me a bath.  He had put bubbles in the water which was a welcome distraction and provided a bit of cover for this shy girl, but I was instantly aware and full of blushes when I felt Daddy slide the wash cloth into my more intimate areas.  At that point the bubbles in the tub became downright fascinating my gaze fully focused on the frothy foam. Daddy probably enjoyed this part immensely as he has openly admitted he enjoys making this little girl blush.

Daddy certainly does one mean scalp massage as well and I began melting into the moment when his clever and versatile fingers began massaging the shampoo into my hair.  That was definitely my favourite part.  

Then I was squeaky clean and Daddy bustled me out of the tub and the blushes began again as I stood there in my birthday suit as Daddy dried me then dressed me.  Again reflexive instinct kicked in and Daddy had to remind me who was in charge.  He has an amazingly effective Daddy tone. 

Afterwards I did feel the cared for and nurtured despite my blushes and initial awkwardness.  Next time I think I would do better with more props.  Maybe some tub toys or bath crayons.  Something to keep my hands busy and provide a bit more of a transition into my “little” self.  Me and Daddy have also gotten to know eachother  a bit more so dialogue while Daddy sees to me would be more fluid and easy as my comfort level has grown.

This is definitely an activity, I would like to repeat. So for any of you newer “littles” who are looking to experiment with bath time up say slash away!  But know your Daddy, before you get too rambunctious, my Daddy gave me fair warning if I make too much of a splashy mess he’ll spank my bare wet bottom and I hear that can be extra Ouchie 😉


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