I am rarely ever sick, but when I get there it always seems to be a doozie.  Finally getting over a pretty spectacular bug that took me down for a few days.  It’s a good thing I don’t get sick often and that Daddy was away working cause I am not a very good patient.  The grump in me takes over and I probably would have earned myself pretty red bottom with my attitude and general surliness.  As much as I like the idea of being taken care of, I’m probably better of locking myself in my bedroom and hitting the hibernation button until the storm passes.  Finally feeling better, but some moodiness is hanging on 😦 hoping to be back to rights soon.  I HATE being sick.  What about you other littles out there?  How do you handle being sick?  Do your Daddies give you a hall pass during that time for less then stellar attitude while you are down and out?  I have never been faced with that exact scenario yet, do I am curious about others experiences.


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