A day full of tasks part 1

Little did I know when I woke up today Daddy would have a game for me.  A game that would have me blushing,embarrassed and shivering with need. I should have known,  Daddy has a way of making things a bit better when things don’t go our way.  We’ve had scheduling conflict after scheduling conflict that has prevented us from having together playtime 😦 most recently this past weekend.  I understand, heck my schedule is a busy one too, but it puts my little into a pout.

So this little girl was giddy when her phone pinged and she saw a message from Daddy.  He had given me a day full of tasks.  Some of the tasks I have had before, yup it’s another day of orgasm denial, corner time contemplation and frustratingly nummy to the edge play sessions.  He even threw in a scavenger hunt for a new bottom toy.Daddy added a few curve balls for me though.  He wants me to get into my little space more.  So I am to put my hair in pigtails today, I am encouraged to suck my thumb whenever the inclination hits me…..gulp and I have to have a potty accident in my pants.  Privately of course, but he still wants me to wet myself.  We have been exploring potty play a bit.  It is a sure fire way to get me blushing, but it is the most difficult for me to comply with.  I want to for Daddy, but my instincts are pretty ingrained and my bladder goes on lockdown.  This will be a hurdle, but the incentive is right.  Daddy says if I complete all the tasks He has set out my orgasm denial lasts only until tomorrow morning.  If I don’t complete the tasks I have to wait until Thursday after supper. So there, I have an out if I am willing to take the consequence.  

I have just finished my first task.  An early morning get my morning running play session.  Daddy wanted me to clip my nipples and put myself in the corner for ten minutes to think about my assignment and the spanking I am looking forward to more and more when we finally get together.  My mind was definitely a flurry of activity for my first corner time with all the thinks I was thinking.  It was hard to stay still and I felt Daddy’s invisible eye on me the whole time,  there were a couple of whimpers.  When my timer sounded I immediately stuck my thumb in my mouth for comfort as I made my way to the bed for my teasing playtime.  I settled on position 2 for my first teasing session.  The pinches on my nips is yummy when I rest on my chest and I was so full of blushes it was nice to hide in the pillows.  I started slowly touching myself, embarrassed to discover that 10 mins in the corner thinking my thinks had me soaking wet.  I slowly and lightly circled my little clit for a bit,  then I gave my kitty light, rapid almost fluttery slaps,  then I started sliding my fingers in one at a time.  My bottom clenched, my hips wriggled and bucked and all of my movements made my pinched nipples ache and throb.  When I reached the edge I tore my hand away quickly and of their  own accord my hips strained sooo hard to reach it again.  I was panting and groaning and once again sucked my thumb for comfort as I made my way back to the corner for another 10 mins of thinking time.  This time all I could think about was the needy throbbing in my hungry kitty.  I shivered and shook and clenched,  I imagined the mess I would be if I had to wait until Thursday night and willed myself to attempt my potty accident later today.  After my 10 mins I unclipped my sensitive nips and got dressed for the day.  I chose leggings with flowers on them to help further with my little mindset.  And now to get through the rest of the morning and midday when till I do it all over again this afternoon.


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