A day full of tasks part 2

So at around 4pm I was able to complete the 2nd of my teasing sessions.  I was hoping to get my accident in my pants out of the way, but I was short on time and my brain just wouldn’t let go and let me comply.  I seem to be one of those people who preform down to the wire so I was a little disappointed but far from surprised.  I spent the first 10 mins of my corner time contemplating my potty assignment. My clipped nips were very sensitive with the second round of chopsticks and were throbbing by the time I was ready to play.  I decided to play a bit more with pinches so I decided to try some of the gentler clips on my kitty lips.  I used four in total to on each lip.  I barely felt the clips pinch at first, but I did notice how opened up I felt as the weight of the clips spread me, after a while I fingering my clit I began to feel the intensity of the clips on my lips make themselves noticable.  I was soaking wet and soon after reached the edge.  I slowed my fingers and hovered for as long as I dared before removing my hand and lay there panting through the frustration.  When I had calmed down I removed the clips from my naughty place and took myself back to the corner and breathed myself through the tingles and throbs.  I wasn’t able to focus on much else but my need.  I kept reminding myself that if I broke this rule my bottom was in for a nasty punishment. 


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