Day full of tasks part 3

So I just completed my third and final teasing session.  This one was the one I was worried about most as I still had two of my other tasks the complete before and during it in order to comply with all of Daddy’s instructions, the first one was having an accident in my pants. So that I could spend my first 10 mins of corner time in my soaked pants. To prep and hopefully make it easier I took Daddy’s advice and drank plenty of water.  I even felt the urge to go, but my mind was still firmly in rebellion, I must have spent 45 mins pacing back and forth, tugging one of my braided pigtails and sucking my thumb, I was definitely feeling “little” but the big was still fighting back.  I finally relaxed enough and kept reminding myself that Daddy would be proud and in turn I would be proud of myself.  Finally I felt the first trickle, horrified I cut off the stream, but after reminding myself that I was succeeding in what I set out to do relaxed again,  there was so much, I was so embarrassed and I winced and covered my face as I felt the warmth spread and run down my leg.  It seemed to go on for an age.  I was blushing and uncomfortable, I made my way to my corner as quickly as I could to get the 10 mins out of the way.  During my corner time I began to get chilled and uncomfortable as my wet pants cooled and clung, I totally get why babies fuss when they have a wet diaper.  When the ten mins were up I stripped out of my pants and panties and cleaned myself with a aloe Vera wipes,  I was embarrassed to note that I soaking wet in an entirely different way as well, so despite my mental block part of me seemed to enjoy the activity or maybe it was the knowledge that Daddy would be pleased. This time I focused on my bottom for my teasing session as the final task was to use the new bigger toy I found on my scavenger hunt.  A small cylindrical bottle.  It is blunter and slightly wider then my last toy.  I worked up in stages.  Blush.  I have to admit I have slightly neglected my training due to crazy schedule, illness and family concerns so this took some time.  I finally felt ready enough to attempt the upgrade.  It fit but only just and it ached a bit I couldn’t hold it very long, but all the stimulation to my hiney hole had my kitty dripping wet and a mere flicker of my finger over my clitty had me at the edge.  I shook and shivered and wrestled for control.  My only thought was to tickle myself to completion.  But I resisted and soon was able to get up on shaky legs and hop in the shower.  Now I am cuddled up in bed,  my kitty is throbbing and I am still blushing at the memories of my earlier actions but I am proud that I completed Daddy’s list of tasks.  Now I just hope that Daddy is pleased enough to let me cum in the morning.  Fingers crossed for another message from Daddy telling his little one to cum as hard as she can.


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