Soooo hard to focus!

I don’t know if it is the changing of the seasons, the hectic schedule,  the hit and miss schedule with Daddy, Or what.  But focusing has been a near impossible task for me lately.  The different slots and boxes that I use to compartmentlize my life are all disorganized and things I am usually on top of are getting missed, messed or muddled.

 Yesterday I was talking with a friend and I lost my train of thought before it even left the station.  I’ve been double booking in my schedule and I go to start a task and blankly stare at it forgetting what I intended to do.  

  I need a reset activity, but am at a loss of what do.  The usual suspects of colouring, reading, and crafting haven’t been able to focus my attention.  Anybody else suffer from periods of scattered wits?  Any suggestion for getting out of that funk?


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