Daddy came for a visit yesterday!

It has been a long couple of months of busy, conflicting schedules and limited conversation in general between Daddy and me.  We are both workaholics and he works away a lot, so my logical brain was aware there would be periods when this would happen, even expected it.  The ‘little’ in me runs more on the emotional wavelength and has been starting to get pouty and worried that Daddy might be getting bored.  Too much time to think on the subject gives me the opportunity to turn it around in every possible angle in my brain. It is a quirk of mine that I have had for ages but it can definitely make for an uneasy little girl.

So it couldn’t have come too soon when Daddy got in touch and we were finally able coordinate schedules.  It was a bit of a flyby visit, but we always seem to make the best of anytime we have.  There was plenty of kisses and cuddles…and cornertime. Daddy has the memory of an elephant so I am sitting on an achey and well reddened bottom after a nasty session over Daddy’s knee as punishment for forgetting to ask to cum during one of my independent play sessions ages ago. (Conspiritual whisper) nasty as the hard handspanking followed by the wicked sting of the wooden bath brush, it was what I REALLY needed.  It felt so good to have a good emotional purge over Daddy’s knee.  After Daddy took me to task he rocked me and coddled me until I had calmed down.  He then made sure to make note of how dripping wet I was in my naughty place and tested my control by bringing me to the edge of orgasm a few times while denying me permission for release.  He certainly knows how to drive a point home.  Then I got a present!  Daddy bought me a new plug for my anal training.  This one is an inflatable and after he had me assume position 2 we tested my new toy out.  Daddy inserted it gently and  I might proudly add with little difficulty and pumped it three pumps so it was snug in my bottom.  Then this Babygirl was aloud to cum and cum and cum.  I was full of shivers and aftershocks when Daddy removed the plug and told me to use my hand to play with my clitty.  Then Daddy replaced the toy with his cock.  The moment of truth had arrived.  All my training and practicing was to enable me to take Daddy in my bottom.  As he started pushing in there was a slight sting and for the briefest of moments I was worried that after all that practice I still wasn’t ready and then Daddy slid in the rest of the way and I nearly burst with pride.  As Daddy started to move I began to rub my itchy little clitty in earnest and soon we were both ready for release.  There was nothing better then feeling the weight of Daddy on my back as I shivered with the aftershocks of my orgasm, knowing he was just as spent as I was.  It was a wonderful play date.  I felt completely refreshed and I knew Daddy was proud of me.  We cuddled for a bit after cleaning up and before Daddy had to go, which is always too soon for me, but all good things and all that.It was definitely a get together worth the wait. Thank you Daddy.


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