Tie me up


There are various activities I want to explore now that I have begun my adventure.  One that fills me with thrills and chills is shibari rope bondage.

On my trolling through the net, I have seen many photographic examples of this practice that are so tastefully and artistically done.  These pictures appeal to the sensualist in me. The practice seems not only a functional power exchange practice but is very pleasing to the eye.

There are so many different designs and knots in varying degrees of restriction which makes it less intimidating as you can gradually build up in degrees the amount of helplessness you feel. This would be very important for me because as much as I might eventually want to give up total control and be bound into full helplessness and be made to take whatever my top wishes, trust would have to be complete before that stage was reached.  Right now I am willing to give up control, but up to this point it has basically been symbolic I am emotionally binding myself by complying with my Daddy’s wishes without question trusting that he won’t take it farther than I can handle.To have the choice being taken away by physical restraints is still a pretty scary prospect. How can trust be built without a little practice and experimentation though? 

I am also curious to explore the sensations that rope bondage might incite.  There seem to be a number of harnesses that are designed to stimulate various areas of the body, it would be interesting to play with the different sensations.  Daddy and I have already done some sensation play with clips and tingle enhancing creams and the result was very addictive, though I know Daddy has gone fairly light on his novice.

So on my list of kinks to explore rope bondage takes a top slot.  If anyone has any experience with this type of play and wants to share their opinion or have words of wisdoms or know of any educational sites that might be helpful please drop a line.




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