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I have always been a bookworm.  As soon as i could read, I nearly always had a book in my hand.  From dr. Suess to Roald Dahl as a child up to nearly every genre as I grew older.  It was the first exposure I had to the lifestyle when I started to explore life on the fringe. So it should come as no surprise when I say I am a big fan of many different festish and bdsm themes when it comes to reading.  For the longest time reading about it was my only outlet, so I was quite grateful for my e-reader. There is quite a bit out there, what with technology and the cheaper option of self publishing, anyone with inclination can post a story for sale, not to mention the many free story sites and archives. 
 I admire these people for their bravery, I have always had the creative writing bug and am always jotting down a story here or plotting a novel there.  My interests are varied and scattered so I have spanned many different genres and writing styles.  When it comes to opening myself up and actually posting or publishing a work though I balk.  Opening myself to judgment has never been a strong point of mine.  Starting this blog was a huge step for me because of that fear of judgment.  But I did start the blog, and I am still standing, so who knows what I next step I make in the future.

So anyways I thought I would share the wealth as it were and recommend some sites, authors and books that I have enjoyed over the years.  

Today’s recommendation is a site I have enjoyed for years now. :  Many of you are probably already aware of this site.  If you aren’t though you really should be.  It is a HUGE story archive that covers almost every fetish in any genre you wish to explore.  It ranges from soft sweet romances to hardcore bdsm fantasies and has both short stories as well as novels in chapter instalments. I found this site to be entertaining and because of the vast selection a good way to explore my different curiosities and develop my likes and dislikes.  There are many talented authors on this site, some have even gone on to self publish on amazon and other e-reader sites.

Some of the challenges or frustrations I have encountered with this site are few but here they are.

It is a huge archive so navigating it can be a bit of a chore, they do have categories you can choose from to narrow down your searches a bit, but the synopsis given for stories can be vague.  I would suggest going to their tags portal and then you can search stories using key words pertinent to your specific interests or inclinations.  Another frustration I have had that isn’t exactly the sites fault, is the chapter stories can be installed as the author goes.  There are many of the chapter stories that are unfinished and have either been abandoned by the author or are updated slowly.  It is super frustrating to get involved with a plotline only to realize the story had been left unfinished or you have to wait months for the following chapter.

In my opinion it is a site worthy of checking out.  I have little doubt it will fast become a favourite.

I will try to update regularly and give my recommendations and reviews of the fiction and authors I have found over the years.  If you have any recommendations you wish to share feel free to pass it on I am always looking to add to my library.



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