Be careful what u wish for!

I have been crazy busy this last while.  Took a mini vacation with friends and it was fun, but I hit the ground running once I got home and it’s been go go go ever since.  Yesterday I made a silent wish for things to slow down just a bit. Today the universe answered my wish with a possibly ruptured tendon in my calf muscle (or is is it calve? not really the point.).  I wasn’t even doing anything overly strenuous.  I walked, WALKED, up a slight incline, then POP. It was like an elastic band snapped and recoiled up the back of my leg.  This resulted in a trip to emerg,  a partial diagnosis  as they need to ultrasound it to see how damaged it is, a splint and what looks to be a lengthy convalescence.  Things slowed down to pretty much full stop.  I am a HORRIBLE invalid,  it has only been a few hrs and I am already antsy and fidgety and I wanna have a tantrum as I see my summer plans of hiking, camping and mud runs disapear in a puff of smoke.  So my advice today for everyone is be careful what you wish for….you just might get it.  


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