Uh oh!

I led myself right into this one. I know Daddy’s rules, and I usually try really hard to follow them, after all they’re few and fairly easy, but I forgot one recently and it’s the easiest one for Daddy to keep track of and follow up on. I forgot to update my journal weekly. I mean it’s right there it displays the date of when the entries are made and still I fell into old habits and procrastinated. Today was my day of reckoning, I got called on the lapse. Daddy thinks I need some sort of reminder and some motivation. He left that open ended for now so the my mind is all awhirl with the possibilities that statement could mean. He’s letting me stew a bit and the anticipation of what I let myself in for is killing me. I have a need to put myself in the corner and think about my actions, I know eventually Daddy will send me there anyway. One of my excuses was I didn’t have anything to write about…I have a feeling that will soon be remedied. What does your Daddy do when you lapse one your rules?


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