Some crave pain, others crave blushes.

   So Daddy outlined my punishment for the lapse in journal entries, as well as laid out a blush worthy and frustrating curriculum for the next couple of days. Wait for it…. Another session of teasing and orgasm denial. Daddy does love to test his Babygirl and take control of her orgasms. This time I am not to have an orgasm until Tuesday and only if I follow his instructions to his satisfaction. Well I am nothing if not diligent, when given a specific task…at least most of the time. The specifics are day one(that was today): I had to tease myself twice. Both times I had to have my nipples clamped with the chopsticks and have my bottom filled with my inflatable plug. The final specification, the twist on the standard is this time I had to make a video of the session from the moment I stripped down to the moment I redressed with all the naughty bits in between. I have expressed some curiosity in the realm of exhibitionism and I guess Daddy has decided to help me explore those limits. My blush was instantaneous when Daddy outlined my assignment and I found out he wanted video proof. I cannot tell a lie, I was also instantly wet. It was a bit more intimidating though when I began my first teasing session, I was very aware of each step I took, I also became a little more shy and self conscious about the image I was presenting. Daddy said not to hold back on my moans and groans, I am usually pretty uninhibited and verbal with Daddy. In this situation I found myself almost completely mute. Funny how a curve ball thrown into a familiar situation can completely change the game. I completed my tasks for the day though and as a result am one frustrated little girl. Sleep looks a long time in coming and it took forever to upload my vid on xhamster. Daddy will have me provide a link as soon as it has been processed by the site. Tomorrow I get to look forward to more of the same except when I play tomorrow Daddy wanted me to ask to potty to start….and while I am playing I have to talk about my next punishment. Which will be a hard hand spanking, followed by sitting on my Ouchie bottom and writing an essay about my lapse in following Daddy’s rules followed by my first caning. I am to outline my punishment and describe how I think I will react, how it will feel, if I will cry. Just another way to build the anticipation and give me my dose of embarrassment. Sometimes I wonder why I crave the embarrassment, I may have to find some time to really contemplate that question one of these days.


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