So frustrated!

So this latest assignment has been full of twists and turns, testing limits and has this Babygirl all in a tizzy. This message may seem a little disjointed and rambling, my focus is severely compromised so I apologize before hand and I will do my best to be legible.
The first turn was on Day two, I wound up having to take a double shift, which left me no time for my two teasing assignments. :(. So like the good little girl I am I let Daddy know about the change and voluntarily admitted I would most likely have to wait 3 days before Daddy granted me release. I wasn’t happy about it. I really dislike orgasm denial, but I saw the logic. But Daddy had a change of heart and said that I had to wait until ALL my assignment was complete with the links posted and everything. And I had to tease my self at least once a day until that happened. This was after I told him it could take 4 days to process each video. I mean we might be pushing a week!!!! I have never gone that long and I told Daddy that, he agreed and went on to tell me he had been lenient with my orgasm denial and we were gonna be working on that. I wanted to throw a tantrum. I was soooo close. I don’t think I ever felt more “little” then I did in that moment of pure I don’t get what I want so I wanna scream and cry about it cause I don’t know what else to do emotion. I didn’t….I may have gotten a little sullen in my tone. Daddy did have to know I wasn’t happy after all. He gave me a pep talk and assured me that though it may be hard he knew I was strong enough to follow his instructions, it surprisingly made me feel better knowing he had faith in me. So I resolved myself to my new restrictions. After all I may need a reminder here and there about the importance of Daddy’s rules, but I am not all out defiant.  
So Monday was a bust, no time for assignment and a quick frustrating teasing session that had me frustrated and throbby. I woke up in the morning on Tuesday to my hip is gyrating and my bottom waggling around like I was a cat in heat. And that was the state I would have to do my assignment sessions. I was afraid I might accidentally cum when I put the plug in my bottom (I guess Daddy is right I need more practice 😦 ) so I got through Tuesday and was able to allot time for my teasing sessions. This video was way harder to accomplish, as Daddy wanted me to potty for the camera, I kept on getting shy bladder attacks. Then Daddy wanted me to talk about my upcoming spanking while I played, it was so hard to speak, my voice barely reached above a whisper and my face was flaming from start to finish. But again I was so wet and horny. It was the hardest thing ever to stop when I reached the edge. So now I am on day 4 without an orgasm and I have completed the assignments, one I my videos is processed, but the other had trouble uploading last night. I hope I have more luck this afternoon and I hope that the site processes it in record time. I am surprised how consuming this lack of release has become for me. It’s this slow burn as a constant, then something, usually that something is innocent and innocuous, will trigger it and it comes roaring to the foreground, heck I read a magazine the other day and a perfume add nearly had me dry humping my seat.

My 1st assignment video


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