Release Granted!

Yesterday, I woke up from a fitful sleep to a text from Daddy. He said he was proud of me for all of my hard work on my assignment and though my 2nd video wasn’t processed yet he would allow me to cum last night at bedtime. That was a cherished and very welcome message ironically more for Daddy saying he was proud of me than the fact that release was in imminent sight. He stipulated before I played at bedtime I had to prepare myself in the usual way with my plug in my bottom and chopsticks pinching my nipples (this seems to have become my default uniform) and I had to put myself in the corner for 20 mins. I thought the anticipation throughout the day was agony enough. That sensation of so close but so far away plaguing me, but that 20 mins I the corner was torture. Keeping still was a challenge, then focusing my thoughts, I thought about my upcoming spanking, tried to imagine how I would take my very first caning, how my bottom would look after my correction. All of these thoughts though worrisome just seemed to send zings of arousal down through my core and had me clenching around the plug in my bottom which sent more zings through me making me want to roll my hips. My mind is still worried about my punishment but my body apparently found it quite hot (traitor!). When my time in the corner was done and I was finally able to play I could have easily gone over the edge in seconds I was so wet and throbby. Daddy wanted me to draw it out though and once I started I wasn’t allowed to stop until I had achieved three orgasms. Needless to say last night there were fireworks and exploding stars crossing my vision with hypersentsations that blurred between pleasure or pain. By the time I was done I could have been mistaken for a limp noodle, I was completely jellified. I slept very well last night.

Thank you Daddy.

My second assignment


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