Storytime concluded

This is the final installment of my first story!  Hope you enjoyed it.

Babygirl earns a punishment: finale

Babygirl left the bathroom for the second time after thankfully being allowed to release in private. She felt a little light headed and dazed from this new experience. She wasn’t quite able to decipher her feelings, but at the moment Daddy was waiting and she had been warned not to dawdle. She made her way to the living room. Daddy was seated in the straight back wooden chair looking tall and formidable. Beside him the wooden hairbrush she had already made the aquaintance of. And folded over onto itself lay one of Daddy’s leather belts. She stopped within arms reach but Daddy grasped her hands and tugged her to stand between his knees.

“Last part little one!” He assured her, “you are taking you punishment so well for Daddy.”

“Thank you Daddy”

“Now, why are you about to get a spanking on your bare little bottom?”

“Because, I leave things to the last minute and I have asked Daddy to help me break the habit”

“And do you think you need Daddy’s help to remind you not to put things off little one?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Very well,” Daddy guided her over his knee. She blushed as he adjusted her bare bottom into the position where he would have the most effect, he rested his hand gently on her rear end and began speaking again. “This lesson is going to come in three parts Babygirl. First Daddy is going to spank you with his hand, while we have a little discussion about naughty girls not doing there work and make a plan so Daddy can make sure Babygirl does her work when she supposed to. The spanking ends when the discussion is over. Next Daddy is going to take your friend the hairbrush and he is going paddle your bottom a bright red as punishment for your current miss step. Finally, Daddy is going to lay 6 stripes on babygirl’s naughty bottom with his belt. This will hopefully drive the point home and remind baby girl that she really does not want to revisit this topic. Babygirl will count each stroke of the belt so daddy know she is paying attention.”

Babygirl gulped, but bravely answered, “Yes Daddy.”

“Alright baby, ask for your punishment.”

“Daddy, Babygirl needs a reminder on doing her work when she’s told. C-can you p please spank her naughty bottom?” She stuttered out flushing red with embarrassment.

“Of course little one,”. Daddy said followed by the first stinging slap! Baby girl jolted in surprise. She squeezed her eyes shut and felt the swats as she absorbed Daddy’s scolding words. She dutifully replied

“Yes Daddy” or “No Daddy!” When he required her response she started taking in large gasping breaths and hissing as the fire in her bottom grew!

“Daddy is making a new rule!” Daddy decided punctuating each word with a a fresh stinging slap. “Babygirl is going to update her paperwork weekly, and Daddy’s going to check in every Friday!”

His smacks continued on some unseen pattern covering her fleshy mounds completely, and not allowing the heat to cool 

“When Daddy asks if Babygirl if she has done her homework, what will your answer be!”

“Yes Daddy!”

“And what happens if Babygirl answers no Daddy?”

“She gets a spanking”. Babygirl wailed as the dam broke and the tears began to fall, her legs churning as though she could outrun the pain.”

“Right!” Daddy replied, laying the last 9 words following each with a a firm hard smack “she gets a hard spanking on her bare bottom!”

The blows, finally ceased. And Babygirl went limp and cried out her stress, her anxiety over disappointing both herself and her Daddy. Daddy took a moment to rub her back and whisper comforting words, until she had regained some control. Then he took up the hairbrush and pinned her legs between his own and once again got down to business. Sharp firm swats travelling in a circular pattern, paying attention to Babygirl’s sensitive sit spot. She was beyond words she just sucked In Mouthfuls of air, blowing the air out as if she could blow out the fire in her bottom. The spanking with the hairbrush was fast and hard but over in minutes and again she hung there over Daddy’s knee a picture of complete surrender.

Daddy took a moment to rub babygirl’s bottom she jumped a little as the pressure focused the pain on the areas he gently squeezed.

“Six stripes Babygirl.” Daddy spoke picking up the folded belt. “Count them.”

Smack! It felt like a strip of fire branding her bottom, “One!” Babygirl blurted, “Thank you Daddy!”

There was a slight pause as Daddy absorbed her spontaneous words. He smiled with pride as he laid down the following 5 stripes, in quick succession, his heart swelling as each time his Babygirl not only counted but thanked him as well.  

Once he was done he dropped the belt and scooped his little one into his lap, she jumped at the initial contact of her punished bottom meeting his lap but soon she melted into him and took his comfort as he rocked her back and forth, telling her howproud he was of her. She leaned back to look at him and gave him a watery smile and snuggled into his chest again saying once again.

“Thank you Daddy!”


My treasure trove!


Christmas came early for this little girl! I had mentioned in my earlier post that on Daddy’s last visit, he spoiled this little one with prezzies! Well, it has been the source of amusement and blushes and has been very helpful in getting me into my ‘little’ space. It has a little bit of everything all designed to either help me look, feel and become my ‘little’ self.

I will list an inventory of my present haul and how it has made me react!

First was the packaging!

1 Sparkly and colourful tinker bell backpack complete with attached lunch kit. It is whimsical and pretty and it can hold lots of stuff! I like it cause I now have a ‘go’ bag for my visits with Daddy and it’s sparkles have me thinking of fairy dust, so when I wear it maybe I can fly! ‘Giggle’. *Daddy also filled the lunch kit with snacks n’ dwinks n’ treats! Including a lolly pop ring!

2. ‘Little’ outfit – a swishy skirt, a pretty shirt, super fun knee high socks and some pretty patterned…unmentionables. The clothing has brought out some different reactions. I am more of a tomboy and my colour palate is lots of browns and blacks and greys. I was surprised that I enjoyed the colours as much as I did and the patterns are fun and make me ‘feel’ younger. When Daddy dressed me for the first time in my new outfit, I felt kinda silly and self conscious even when he said how pretty I was. I DID feel more little and was able to transition into the mindset easier, it was odd getting used to being in a skirt though. It’s swishy and loose and good for twirling, but on the downside it easy for Daddy to tuck or flip up and expose this little ones bottom for punishment. THEN it makes me feel more naked and exposed then when I am actually naked. My favorite part of the clothes so far is the super fun and colourful socks! I wear them and they just make me happy!

3. Accessories little bow berets for my hair and….some soothers for my mouth. This little girl likes to play with the berets and almost always wears ’em when she had her daily ‘little’ time. The soothers are a source for blushes. Daddy thinks I am real cute sucking on my dummy, and it actually does have a soothing quality to it, but it makes this little girl blush.

4. Sippy cup – I actually really enjoy this! I usually have a dwink at bedtime in it, and it is kinda freeing to be haphazard as I can grab n swig and then drop it beside me!  

5. Crafts – clay, crayons and construction paper! These have my imagination come to the front! They really allow me to immerse into my little inclinations. And sometimes just play with the sensory! I like the modelling clay lots. At first I was tryin’ really hard to make things just right. Some days I still do. Others I just play with the gooshiness. I like makin’ pancakes. Roll a ball of clay and slap it flat with your hand! Voila pancakes giggle.

6. Papa bear- last but not least Daddy gave me a stuffed teddy to be a papa for Sparks! I have named him sir Griswald and it’s nice to have an addition to my stuffy family. I have been having loads of fun making up back story’s and anecdotes about his adventures with Sparks!

So that’s my haul I got from Daddy! I am sure it will be added to both by Daddy and my little self. It feels very freeing to indulge in this way. Quite addictive.

Storytime continued

Babygirl earns a punishment parts 2 & 3

So here’s the second and third parts of my story.  It is actually a four part story oops!  But as promised you will get it in 3 instalments.  

Babygirl sat on Daddy’s lap head bowed biting her lip, she absently played with one of the buttons on his shirt, trying to figure out what to say. Daddy’s hands now rested on her hips and though she couldn’t look up she felt his gaze resting intently on her. She had his undevided attention, but at the moment that was the last thing she wanted. Knowing that anything she said was going to make him disappointed made her stomach do flip flops and suddenly she felt tears build up behind her eyes. She hated disappointing Daddy. And after he was so kind and had put together such a nice surprise.

Realizing His Baby girl wasn’t going to answer, Daddy repeated himself adding a hint of warning into his tone. “What paperwork Babygirl?”

There was a bit of a pause before Babygirl cleared her throat uncomfortably, “Um, well at the end of the month, I have to turn in all my log notes and expense sheets” Babygirl began quietly,”that sort of thing. Anyways I am a bit behind. I was gonna catch up this weekend.”

Hoping that was all the explanation he needed, she fell silent and continued looking down, fingers still worrying away at the button on his shirtfront. Suddenly she felt his big hand cup her chin and gently, but firmly lifted her face so she was looking at him. “When is this paperwork due Babygirl?” He asked calmly.

She really didn’t want to look at him, didn’t want to see the disappointment when she answered.  

“Monday.” She whispered.

She saw Daddy’s jaw tighten a bit and her bottom clenched instictively.

“And how behind” his voice stressed the word behind significantly, “are you little one?”

This was it, the moment of truth. Babygirl new this was one of the rules. She had told Daddy she was horrible when it came to leaving things to the last minute, she had explained to him how she hated it because, she would scramble around trying to get things done and it would stress her out and she was never happy with the work she did as it was so hurried to make deadline. Daddy had agreed it was a bad habit and not in his Babygirl’s best interest. He promised to help her, keep her motivated and provide some bare bottom incentive if required to keep her on track. Now she had just admitted that she had fallen into old habits.

“I’m sorry Daddy.” She said pleadingly.

“That wasn’t an answer little girl” he growled with warning.

She gulped.

“I, uh, haven’t started.”

Daddy closed his eyes and exhaled heavily through his nose. When he opened them again there it was. Not anger, not even annoyance, but disappointment. Her stomach fell. She felt horrible. She threw her arms back around his neck and sobbed.  

“We’ve talked about this baby”. Daddy says quietly though he once again smoothed his his hand up and down the length of her spine soothingly.

“I know Daddy!” She sniffled

“Do you think you did your best?” He asked, she hated this part. The part where he made her face her actions and evaluate them. She shook her head in the negative against his neck. Instantly she felt a sharp smack to the right cheek of her bottom.

“Use your words naughty girl.”

“No Daddy!” She instantly replied jumping from the swat, though it startled more then stung. “I was a lazy little girl and I feel horrible!”

He sighed, “do you want Daddy’s help to fix this?” Daddy asked coaxingly, ” make his Babygirl feel better?”

“Yes Daddy,” she sniffled, 

“Here’s what we are gonna do.” Daddy said, “Daddy’s gonna give this naughty little bottom a little reminder of what happens when little girls shirk their work. Then baby girl is gonna sit on that hot freshly spanked bottom and she is going to start and finish all that nasty paperwork until it is all done.”

“But, daddy!” Babygirl gasped “what about our weekend?”

“Good girls who get there work done get to go on adventures-”

“But, Daddy! We don’t get a chance like this often!” Babygirl said in a panic shoving herself off Daddy’s lap and to her feet.” I deserve a spanking-”

“You certainly do!” Daddy’s voice cracked like a whip, his brow drawn over his eyes in a straight line. Babygirl gulped. What had gotten into her. “And a lot more besides. Little girls do not tell there Daddy’s but! And they certainly don’t tell there Daddy’s what to do. Whose in charge Babygirl?”

“Daddy is,” Babygirl immediately answered, shocked at her own rebellion.  

“That’s right!” Daddy confirmed. “Daddy is in charge because Daddy knows how to keep his Babygirl, happy, safe and the best she can be. Now you earned a punishment, by your own actions, and Daddy is punishing you not to be mean, but to help you become a better person. Baby girl asked daddy to help her didn’t she?”

Babygirl nodded

“Little one, you do not want to make this worse.” Daddy said “answer the question”

“Yes Sir.”

“Now before my naughty girl decided to be even naughtier, I was going to say that she would finish her work tonight so that we could enjoy the rest of the weekend as planned without the worry of work not done looming over us. Now that is if I don’t have to spend weekend correcting my little girl’s behaviour.”  

All she could do was bow her head in shame at her preemptive freak out. Daddy let her stew for a minute.

“Now, since there seems to be a naughty imp inside my girl making her speak out of turn, I think we will start things out with a nice little flush out. Daddy bought his little girl some enema equipment, I am sad that we have to christen it with a punishment, but at least by the end of the weekend you will know its diversity. You will receive a warm soapy enema, then daddy is gonna insert a plug and you will have some corner time while the solution does it’s job. THAT is for speaking out of turn. Then you are going to place yourself over my lap and get a good, hard, motivational spanking that you feel every second that you sit bare bottomed at the kitchen table while you do what could have just as easily been done through out the month. What do you say to that Babygirl?”

“Yes Daddy”

“Is Daddy being mean?”

“No Daddy.”

“Why is Daddy doing this?”

“To help me Daddy.”

“Do you trust me to help you little one”. This question was spoken a little less firmly. A soothing note returned to Daddy’s tone.

“Yes Daddy,” Babygirl said in a shaky yet grateful voice. Daddy always made the bad feelings go away, he was firm and strict, but even after a blistering spanking she always came away from it feeling better inside. Because he cared. Why had she forgotten that? “with all my heart, daddy”

“There’s my good girl.” Daddy said approvingly,”when you are ready, you may ask for your punishment and we will begin.”

Babygirl took a bolstering breath and bowed her head. “Daddy, I was a bad girl. I didn’t divmy work when I should have and then I back talked to you when you were trying to help me. Please, punish my naughty bottom And help me to be your good girl again?”

“Good girl,” Daddy replied,”of course I will help you! Daddy will always be there to help his little girl be the best she can be. Now I want you to lower your panties to your knees and tuck the back of your skirt into its waist band.”

With shaking hands Babygirl lowered her panties and then tucked up her skirt. Immediately she felt the air caress her bare bottom cheeks. 

“Now I want you to walk to the end of the sofa and bend yourself over the arm. Feet shoulder width apart and your little toes pointed in”

Again she complied, once in position she FELT how the position exposed her naughty bits. She blushed and bit her lip and waited. Daddy just stood there for a moment, not a word was said. She felt herself slipping more into his control.

“Stay in position, Daddy’s going to go fix your enema.”

With that Daddy picked up his duffel and disappeared Into the bathroom down the hall.

Babygirl did the only thing she could do she waited.
Part 3

Daddy was taking forever in the bathroom, what was he doing? It couldn’t take that long to fill a bag with water…and soap. Her bottom clenched in trepidation and her stomach started to churn. How much soap would he put in there?! What would it feel like? Daddy and Babygirl had talked about enema play in all it’s many facets. She had told him a bit about her desire to explore this type of power exchange, though she had blushed the entire time. She had read extensively on the subject both informational and her naughty story stash. She had even made a clumsy attempt at administering a solo enema, though she had felt awkward the entire time. No she had wanted Daddy to take the reigns on this one. She hadn’t envisioned her first one to be of the punishment variety, from her readings they could be quite unpleasant in the hands of a more devious master. She took a deep shaky breath, don’t think about that. She trusted Daddy, he might help her test and stretch her limits but he always respected them, he wouldn’t give her more than she could take, at the same time she had a feeling she was going to walk away from this experience with a more chastened attitude. Where was he? she strained her ears, trying to detected movement, the faucet running, anything really. Her skin had broken out in a nervous sweat, made evident but her belly sticking to the cool leather of the sofa she was bent so lewdly over. This position was so exposing her bare bottom the highest point, the cheeks spread naturally open by her widened stance and turned feet. The room felt chilly, almost as though a cool breeze was blowing against her little crinkle. Her face scrunched in consternation and buried her face in the cushion in front of her. Breath just breath.  

Her head popped up at the sound of the bathroom door opening. Daddy’s footsteps could be heard walking down the hall. No words were spoken as he stopped by her. In between her bottom and the wall the sofa was situated against. He reached up and seemed to fiddle with something, babygirl’s eyes scrunched in confusion? He finally brought his hand down and revealed a tiny hook now planted in the wall. He glanced down at her and saw her watching and surprisingly he winked at her with a mischievous grin. 

“Baby girls naughty hook” he quipped with a smile. Baby girl blushed but also felt a bit more at ease with Daddy’s almost playful attitude. She was still Daddy’s baby. Her relief quickly turned to panic when Daddy raised his other hand that had been out of view. The enema bag that Daddy was now hanging on her ‘naughty’ hook seemed pretty full. She gulped as her eyes travelled from the bulging red bag to the slim hose that ended off in a long plastic nozzle that flared out at the end and had holes along the sides. Daddy finished hanging the bag and looked down again and gave her bottom a light pat.

“I’ll be right back naughty bottom”

Baby girl barely heard him her eyes still transfixed on the bag now hanging on the wall. This time he was right back returning with a fluffy towel rolled up and walked to the coffee table on the other side of Babygirl. She tore her eyes away from the bag and turned to watch Daddy as he unrolled the towel and began placing items on the coffee table once they were revealed. Lube, rubber gloves, and a bottom plug, this plug was new, it was pink and started off slim before widening slightly and then once again getting slim, very slim right before the base. It was bigger then anything else Daddy had introduced into her bottom so far but not dramatically so. Daddy finished placing the items then still kneeling beside her turned to look at her. At this level there eyes met head on. He must have seen the fear on her face because he reached out and rubbed a thumb along her cheekbone before gently tapping her chin.

“How you doin’ little one?” daddy asked compassionately.

Babygirl’s chin wobbled a bit but she answered truthfully, “I am a little scared Daddy”

“That’s part of it Babygirl. This is punishment.” He responded a little more firmly but continued easing her fears slightly. “I know this is your first time, and usually I like to have at least one nice sensual enema session with my good little girl before doing one of these, so I took it a little easier on you. I think it is enough to get a good strong point across but I want you to remember, all through this process it could be MORE. All of it, I am giving you a quart of warm soapy water, you will be plugged and sent to the corner to retain it for 15 minutes. It is gonna be uncomfortable and you are gonna be very aware of your bottom and what the liquid is doing to your insides. You are gonna have to be brave, but I want you to feel what it is doing inside you and imagine 2 quarts of water, imagine a stingy reaally crampy solution, or cooler water so the cramps are constant. Imagine having to hold it for longer…without the help of a plug to keep it all in. That is what a punishment enema could be. On the other hand done right, an enema for good little girls can be nice and soothing leaving my Babygirl nice and relaxed. They are a very versatile tool, but remember Daddy prefers to use them to make his little one feel good. Try not to make me show you how nasty they can be.”

Babygirl gulped as she took in his words and looked into his eyes and saw the residual regret and disappointment in his eyes. He really regretted having to do it this way.  

“I trust you Daddy,” Babygirl choked out, “I am sorry I disappointed you Daddy, please give me my bad girl enema.”

Daddy once again stroked babygirl’s cheek and said “Good girl.” and then proceeded to put on the rubber gloves. He stood up and grabbed up the towel, “stand up a second little one”

Once she complied he lay the fluffy towel over the arm of the sofa, “just in case my baby makes a mess.”

Those words sent embarrassment and fear through her once again but went easily when Daddy repositioned her back over the arm of the sofa.

“Now reach back and open those cheeks nice and wide so Daddy can lube you up to take the nozzle.”

Baby girl again followed his instructions. She felt his finger dab a healthy amount of lube directly on her tiny hole and circle her little crinkle gently. “Deep breath baby girl…and slowly let it out”

As Babygirl exhaled she felt Daddy’s finger invade her hind end. Not rough, but firm and insistant not stopping until he was buried to the knuckle. Then he stopped allowing her to adjust. Then he started to move.  

Daddy spent a few horribly embarrassing minutes preparing her bottom, making little comments that set her cheeks to blushing and off handedly mentioning that some Daddy’s use Vicks vapo rub as lube when they want to get a point across. This comment caused her to clench, earning her a warning slap on her bottom. He finally deemed her bottom ready for the main event and Babygirl felt the flared head of the nozzle against her entrance, it was inserted and seated and then She heard a muffled click and daddy said “here comes the water little one”

She felt it almost immediately, not painful, just an odd feeling as warmth spread from her bottom and into her belly. This continued for a minute and Babygirl breathed a sigh of relief, this wasn’t so bad. Daddy remained silent behind her, then her stomach clenched and tightened she felt a sudden need to…go! “Oh!” She groaned, “Daddy! daddy I need to go potty!”

Even through her panic she blushed at the words, but she feared making a mess.”

“Shhhh, it’s just a cramp sweety.” Daddy soothed, “you have half the bag to go. Just breath through it and feel your medicine”

“I gotta go!”

“Breath baby”

Slowly Babygirl calmed herself down and listened to Daddy’s coaching. The cramp eased, but she now was beginning to feel the volume. This is one quart? Daddy said it could have been two, she would be the best baby in the world, she didn’t want to feel what two quarts felt like.  

Soon the solution was all in her bottom admisdst the odd wave of cramps, Daddy was supportive but remained resolved that she take it all. Finally daddy clamped the hose.

“I am going to take the nozzle out now little one, when I do I want you to clench your cheeks, don’t want you to lose your medicine before it’s done it’s job.”

 Babygirl groaned, “I hate this.”

“Then remember that when you think to have a sassy mouth and rebellious nature with your Daddy.”

The nozzle came out, and she clenched her cheeks, another cramp hit and she moaned in desperation, “breath baby, you are doing well”

Daddy waited until the cramp receded then he spread her bottom cheeks and placed the tip of the lubed plug against her opening. “Now little one I need you to relax and push out like you are doing a doody”

Babygirl’s face was on fire with embarrassment and her guts were churning,”I’ll make mess! Please Daddy can I just go?”

“After you hold it for 15 minutes” Daddy assured her “timer starts when you are in the corner. Push out!”

Admitting defeat Babygirl did as Daddy asked and he expertly guided the plug in. It seated with an almost audible pop it seemed to the embarrassed little girl. But thankfully none of the water escaped. Daddy assisted her into an upright position and kissed her forehead.

“You are doing good baby,” Daddy assured her, “nearly there.”

He led the way to the corner as she waddled behind him with the liquid sloshing inside her.  

He positioned her with her hands against the walls and bent forward with her nose in the corner. Bottom jutting out to display the pink plug. She maintained position the first five minutes, the next five minutes gravity was showing its effect on the water within her as the cramps came in steady waves. Daddy soothed her with encouraging words but did not give into her pleas for early release. He conceded and allowed her to spend the final five minutes on her knees with her chest down to relieve some of the pressure, Babygirl took the concession gratefully, uncaring of the embarrassing display she made positioned on the floor.  

Finally it was time. Daddy helped her up and led her to the bathroom he stood her in front of the toilet and had her bend towards him. He reached behind her and pulled out the plug and she sat immediately. She looked at Daddy expectantly, waiting for him to leave. He smiled wickedly and leaned against the wall arms crossed. 

“You may release now baby.” Daddy said simply

Babygirl’s mouth fell open and her eyes widened. Nature took over though and despite her embarrassment she felt the solution begin to escape her bottom so she buried her face in her hands and let the tears come as she released. Daddy was right, she didn’t ever want to get a bad girl enema again. When she was done, she flushed and kept her eyes on the floor. She felt Daddy strong hands help her up and then he cleaned her bottom. She felt drained and embarrassed, but Daddy lifted her chin wiped her tears, giving her a light kiss on the lips, “I am proud of you Babygirl”

Those words washed over her and she smiled tremulously. She had done it, she had submitted to Daddy’s correction and he was proud of her. It made the discomfort and embarrassment disappear.  

“Now let’s give you a quick rinse and spank that naughty bottom before you get started on your homework.” Daddy announced.

Babygirl groaned but surprisingly gave a weary chuckle. “Yes Daddy.”

Wonderful Day with Daddy!

There is nothing like waking up to cuddles and kisses from Daddy! And that was just the start of my day with Daddy yesterday. This little one had to work a night shift on Friday and despite my excitement to see Daddy I was pretty tuckered. So I caught a nap in the morning on Saturday and woke up to Daddy stroking my forehead and giving me butterfly kisses. It made me want to giggle and parts of me got all shy, but it was good to see Daddy!  

Daddy started out with prezzies! And who doesn’t like getting them. Daddy spoiled little me with colouring books,crayons, ribbons, pretty patterned socks, sippy cups, soothers, little clothes and a papa bear for Sparks,all packed inside a cute sparkly tinker bell backpack. All of the items immediately coaxed my little into the foreground and had her jumping with joy. As of I was sitting in Daddy’s lap oohing and awing over my stash, Daddy asked me how I wanted to begin the rest of our day. Did I want to start playing with some of my new things or did I want to get my punishment out of the way. I cringed at that question, not because of the spanking so much, I already accepted that, more the part where I had to choose when it would happen and actually ask Daddy for it. Asking for my spankings is a sure fire way of making me blush and it really does get me into the submissive mindset. I waffled back and forth in my brain for bit. Putting it off for more pleasant things was tempting, but I worried the upcoming reckoning would have me worried and distracted. My eventual decision was to get it out of the way and file it away. So Daddy helped this little one dress in one of my new pretty outfits, tucked the skirt up In the back and followed me to the corner and lowered my panties for my corner time, my bare bottom on display. He then took Sparks who was going to witness the punishment and this little girls stance in my corner got more sullen as Daddy explained to Sparks(and me) why I was being punished, what was going to happen and in what order. I know Sparks is a dolly, but I was super embarrassed as Daddy talked to her and the tone he used, while describing my upcoming spanking. My punishment would consist of a hand spanking otk to warm me up, then I was going to have to sit on my freshly spanked bottom and write an essay about the importance of updating my journal. Then cornertime as Daddy graded my essay. Too many mistakes, or missed highlights, would see me receiving another hand spanking before I wrote another one. Then finally, this little one would get her first caning at least 12 strokes in 2 groupings of six. And more if Daddy deemed it so. Then after a few minutes of contemplation in the corner hearing Daddy prepare for his little ones chastisement, he called me from the corner and I soon found myself over his lap. At the first smack I was almost grateful that my time for fretting was over. Soon enough though Daddy’s firm spanks started a stingy and burny fire in my bottom that had me whimpering and wiggling. That turned into kicking and crying then finally I just went limp as I felt my resistance melt away. Daddy stood me up and told me to wait as he set out my naughty book for my essay. My skirt was still tucked up in the back and my bottom was hot and throbby. I cheeks were blushy as I felt Sparks eyes boring into my bottom from where she sat with her Papa bear (I have named him Sir Griswald). I actually felt MORE exposed with my girly skirt framing my spanked bottom then when Daddy has me naked. Soon Daddy led me to the table and sat me down (Ouchie) and I began writing, Daddy didn’t set a time limit and I took my time as I didn’t relish the idea of a do over. I had asked for some juice so my new sippy cup sat nearby, I blushed every time I took a sip from it. It is only just a step up from a bottle the sippy attachment ensuring you have to suck on it like you would a nipple to get anything. After I was done my essay Daddy sent me back in the corner as he graded my work. I shifted nervously from foot to foot as Daddy read it. It was soooooo quiet and I began to worry it wasn’t gonna make the grade. Daddy called me out of the corner and I only had two teensy mistakes! Daddy said it was a very good essay and he was proud of me. Despite the fact I was being punished I beamed at the compliment and felt all warm inside. Then Daddy undressed me down to the skin and softly commanded me into my caning position. The butterflies in my belly returned full force. I assumed my position very aware of how exposed and open I was in it. Daddy again explained I would get 2 groups of six with a break in between. He was gonna use two different canes. A longer thinner lexan cane. And a shorter thicker bamboo type cane. I mustered my courage and decided to face the caning bravely. Daddy seemed to delight in making some practice strokes, I could hear the cane whistle through the air. Then the first ‘thwack’. It took my breath away! A sharp and biting line of ouch! He spaced the next stripe a few seconds later so I fully registered the first blow and that was how it continued. I was gasping jumping by the end of the first six. The isolated pain of each stroke was the most distinctive for me. The second cane was more thuddy but again it was like he was laying strips of fire across my bottom. I was quickly deciding that the cane was the WORST thing ever invented but I was proud that I faced it. He decided after the second grouping that he would give me up to six more. These ones I had to count aloud and thank him and ask for another. It only took three more before I was gasping and babbling out the request. The energy it took to concentrate on the response was exhausting. Daddy took mercy on me at three and I fell into his arms and blubbered as he stroked my back and cooed endearments. I was lulled by his words and began to relax though still aware of the Ouchie state of my bottom. I felt a nudge at my lips and felt Daddy guide one of my new soothers into my mouth. Sucking on it at that point gave me more comfort then embarrassment. After that, the Day passed in a blur! We watched movies and coloured in my colouring book, we gave eachother special kisses and Daddy played hidey seeky fingers and this little girl felt tingles and tickles and saw the stars many times over. I blushed as i never blushed before when i asked Daddy to take me potty and Daddy held me and cooed encouragements as I hid my face in his shoulder as I finally jumped that hurdle. He gave me a ‘motivational’ spanking towards the end of the day to keep up with my potty rule as I admitted this was the hardest rule to follow. Spankings, even light ones, are super Ouchie on an already spanked bottom! It is still super tender now as I write this post. Then Daddy had me lay over his lap and he rubbed lotion on my bottom and teased my bottom hole. By the end of the Day this little one could win prizes for her impersonation of a limp rag! Then too soon it was time to say goodbye. There were mopes and pouts, but really this little one couldn’t complain it was a wonderful play date with Daddy! 

Yay!  Time with Daddy!


Daddy ‘little’ Day!

 I am so so so excited! Daddy is gonna come for a play date tomorrow and it’s gonna be for the whole Day! Daddy and me both agreed that it is about time for a ‘little’ day. It will be my first time really embracing my little in the presence of Daddy. We’ve chatted and texted when I am ‘little’ and I keep Daddy abreast of my little activities. But I haven’t been taken care of by Daddy yet. Aside from the odd tidbit. It sounds like Daddy has big plans for the day but he’s being ‘Wicked’ teasing Daddy and won’t tell me it all. Gulp, I know I have my reckoning coming for being lax on my journal complete with my first session with the cane (I am still pretty nervous about that), but Daddy said there will be story times and snacks and he’s got me prezzies! Though he won’t even give me a hint as to what!  

I am really excited, but as with most new experiences there are some nerves jumbled in there. Daddy’s been very good the last few Days helping me vocalize my boundaries and limits and discussing different scenarios, he’s a very good planner and good at getting the groundwork out of the way. As well as getting this little girls imagination buzzing with ideas of her own. I also trust him to guide me through this new experience as he has with all of my other firsts. So I am trying to remember to breath and relax and just let Daddy guide me.


Okay! Eeeek!  So bear with my little bout of nerves.  I have decided to overcome my mental block when it comes to sharing my creative writing and post one of the stories I wrote for Daddy when we were in the early stages.  Please let me know what you honestly think but be kind.  I am posting this story in 3 parts.

Babygirl earns a punishment pt 1

Babygirl couldn’t wait to see Daddy.  It had been so long and she was excited to have him with her, even if just for an evening. His strong calming presence always made all her everyday worries melt away and helped her just be what she wanted to be;Daddy’s little girl. She heard a car pull up to the house and the butterfly’s started up in her belly and she danced from foot to foot. Her pigtails, that she wore because he liked them so much, danced around her shoulders as she ran to the door opening it a big smile on her face. Daddy was pulling his duffel from the backseat as she opened the door, and having heard her, turned his head giving her a big smile of his own. It made her weak in the knees and she suddenly got a little shy, Daddy always made her feel like the most precious thing in his world, and she didn’t always think she deserved him. She smiled shyly and stepped back as he approached to let him in. Smile still on his face he dropped his bag and turned his attention on her.  

“Does Daddy get a hug from his babygirl?”

Needing no further invitation Babygirl launched herself forward wrapping her arms around Daddy’s neck. Daddy chuckled indulgently and wrapped his big arms around her giving her a firm squeeze.

“I missed my little one”. His voice rumbled huskily and she felt it as well as heard it from where her cheek rested against his chest.

“I missed you too Daddy”. She whispered still not letting go. “So much.”

She heard him chuckle as he reached forward to shut the door that she had left ajar in her hurry to be wrapped his reassuring embrace.

“I never would have guessed,”. Daddy replied wryly as he began to lead her to the couch.”come sit on Daddy’s lap. He has a surprise for you.”

Babygirl’s ears perked up at Daddy’s words. Her heartbeat picked up its pace and the butterflies in her belly had transformed into humming birds with their intensity. A surprise from Daddy could mean oh so many things, as Daddy had already proven time and again, even in their short time together. One thing was certain, it always meant a sinful and satisfying memory for Babygirl.

“Surprise?!” She chirped eagerly lifting her head from his chest her eyes alight with curiosity. What was it? A new toy? She glanced at Daddy’s duffel, that had been abandoned in the doorway, with new curiosity. A new game? Her mind raced trying to solve the mystery.

Daddy just chuckled indulgently as he gave her another affectionate squeeze before sitting down on the couch and pulled her into his lap. Babygirl straddled his lap to face him, the short skirt she had worn for him riding up her thighs and her pantied bottom resting on his knees. Daddy’s eyes drooped a bit as he eyed her hungrily. She shifted a little under his intense eyes. She had felt silly earlier when she had chosen her outfit and gotten dressed, but now sitting here with daddy looking at her that way she felt beautiful. A little disconcerted at the intensity of her feelings she decided to get things back on track.

“What’s the surprise Daddy?”

Daddy chuckled again shaking his head, and she blushed. He leaned forward and kissed her forehead then Reached back to pat her bottom. She bit her lip

“Alright you impatient little imp,” Daddy said. ” I should have known as soon as I said the words, you wouldn’t let me rest until I told you.” Babygirl felt a little guilty, Daddy was a hard worker, and kept really long hrs.

” I’m sorry Daddy,” she whispered shyly, “How was your day? Did you have a nice drive? Can I get you anything?”

“I have everything I need right here, little one” Daddy assured her tapping the end of her nose gently with his finger tip. “I am actually really excited about the surprise too! Are you ready?”

Daddy gave her a wicked little wink. Babygirl nodded her head eagerly.

“Okay, Daddy was able to get some extra time off,” babygirl’s mouth began to widen in a happy smile,”and Daddy thought since My little one had the weekend off, we could go on a little adventure in the mountains. How does that sound Babygirl?”  

She was already bouncing on his lap with excitement. “Really?! A whole weekend? In the mountains? ”

Daddy nodded, and she squealed with delight and threw her arms around his neck, babbling about all the fun they could have. He began to rub her back and relaxed as she chattered in excitement. Just happy that he made his little one happy.

“And we can stay up late and we can eat out!” Babygirl chattered excitedly,”Darn, I wish I had done my month end paperwork earlier, but that’s okay, I can get it all done when we get home…”

Babygirl felt Daddy’s hand freeze on her back and looked up at him with confusion? Daddy’s face was wrinkled into a slight frown, his eyes slitted and boring into hers with stern intensity. Babygirl gulped, realizing her slip too late.  

“What paperwork Babygirl?” Daddy asked, his voice deceptively soft. Her bottom tingled as she realized she was in trouble.

To be continued….

Sorry, had to see if I caught you before any really juicy bits 😉

Any feedback is welcome.

Argh! A ‘little’ be unleashed!


 Keeping my ‘little’ busy.  

As I have mentioned before, Daddy and I have been developing my ‘little’ side a bit more and getting to know her. Daddy thinks I should make a point to let her out everyday even if it is just for fifteen minutes and do something litte.  
This is definitely one of the easier assignments Daddy has given me and is super fun!!! Over the past week ‘little’ me has coloured lots of pretty pictures. We are on a pirate kick right now so lots of Captain Hook, watched various kiddy movies, bonded with Sparks (she’s a little on the mischievous side, me and Daddy are thinking of getting her a stuffy Daddy to keep her in line) and we’ve even painted our nails, the nails even look like they were done by a little girl :/. It’s getting to the point that I can’t wait for my little time and my mind is over run with different activities she can indulge in. Today I plan on some outside time playing with bubbles and rolling down a hill we have nearby!   

It has a side benefit of being therapeutic too. My job though fun and rewarding does have its stressors and in general is viewed as a high burnout job. I have been finding that if I come home from work and indulge in my little time then, it helps me drop any tension from my day and it is less likely for me to dwell or pick things apart. Even if I put my big girl back on she’s looking forward and not wallowing in before.  

I do have some minor worries that getting soooo comfortable in my little skin that she might start popping out on her own at I opportune times. This might be a silly fear but it is there, sometimes keeping a grip on the reigns of my little.

All finished 

Ummm so I thought I posted this on Saturday.  Apparently I saved it instead.  Hee hee oops!

So yesterday, I finally finished my assignment. I was a ball of nerves and anticipation by the time bedtime came around. I decided to dress up as little me for Daddy. So off went the bra and the hair went into pigtails. The most important order of business was introducing Daddy to sparks when I started filming. Then my faces turned into a fiery red hot candy as I began talking about all of my thought on bringing in a spectator to one of my punishments in the future. It was really hard not to start whispering and I was fidgeting a lot. Then when it was time to play with myself for Daddy’s view pleasure, a whole different kinda nervous came over me, but by that time the physical instinct had taken over to the point that no matter how embarrassed I was I couldn’t have stopped. It was a very powerful release and I was limp and little groggy afterwards. Then the butterflies set in as I prepared to post it. I couldn’t even watch it to see how it turned out. But it is posted and hopefully Daddy likes it.





Introducing Sparks!


Happy Friday all of you wonderful people who follow me! I have had a busy bee week but in the bestest way. Daddy gave me another assignment/game to play and we’ve been talking lots n’ lots this week and it’s been so nice so have some quality chatting time with Daddy. My assignment was of the naughty bedroom playtime variety. More teasing! Daddy does love to keep his girl hungry and frustrated! But then we have been exploring my ‘little’ side a bit more together and collaborating on some Daddy/little girl bonding time. He’s been helping me with my transitioning and how to make it more easier. There was so much ground covered, but Daddy was so supportive and I already feel more comfortable in the skin of little me!
Well I should start with Big girl me as it is part of my homework, the objective of said homework again is to have me blushing 24/7. Since Tuesday morning I have had to adhere to the following specifications. This little girl was not allowed panties. Blush! So I have been feeling naked and conspicuous for four days! Then this little girl had to play with herself 4 times a day. Once first thing when she wakes up, you know stoke those embers that were on a low burn all night back into a raging fire of frustration, two times during the day, then again just before bedtime. The 3 during the day I had to bring myself to the edge and stop, but my bedtime playtime I could give myself a yummy orgasm. Which felt fantastic!! …but only seemed to stoke the fires more. I could become a master Hulu dancer with all the obscene hip gyrations I have done this whole week reaching for something that is just out of reach. If there was any ever question in my mind that I have surrendered my body to Daddy it is gone. Daddy owns this little girl completely, (whispery voice) and I kinda love it! Each teasing session Daddy had me take pictures, blush, which I have to post 1 picture for every teasing session. This always has me blushing, which Daddy loves and I have that little exhibitionist in me that Daddy seems to want to bring out more and more. I am finding it hard trying to be creative though. The photos just seem like repeats. Then finally on Friday, during my final playtime Daddy wants me to film it (this one is Daddy’s eyes only). Before I play Daddy wants me to talk about a scenario, where we invite a sister “sub”. To watch me get a spanking. We have talked about starting to make friends with like minded Daddy’s and littles on our area. I secretly have yearned for it and fantasized about being in a little community even. All that reading again. Until now I have been more prone to keep it in the fantasy realm. I really am a shy person when you remove the potential for anonymity on a blog. So this is Daddy’s way, he finds a secret desire and nurtures it to fruition, he has me thinking about the reality of it, he’ll have me outline the logistics of it. He wants me to talk about how I would go about meeting a potential sister sub, what I would ask them, specifics of the scene, whether her role is solely to watch or participate. Then he has me imagine how I will feel as I am watched while I am given a spanking. One word BLUSHY!!!!! just how Daddy likes me. Then it is no longer a question of whether it would become a reality but when. I am definitely thinking about it, like all the time, but I am still pretty timid at the prospect. So after I film myself talking about the above senario, I have to cum for Daddy, complete with asking for permission and announcing my orgasm.

As for little me, Daddy has been helping nurture her into a more natural state. Right now she’s young but very controlled and obedient and a little awkward. Almost like when my “little” comes out she is on her way to a stodgy aunts with strict instructions to be on her best behaviour! My analogy not Daddy’s, Daddy being the bestest Daddy there is, loves his “little” girl and calls me sweet and precious. I have expressed difficulty transitioning and feeling silly when I act so young. I could go on and on about my theories around this, I am thinking I may do a separate posting sometime in the future around this topic. So earlier this week Daddy suggested I do 1/2hr a day just doing something I would deem little. Playing with toys, watching cartoons, colouring ect. I have done these things and enjoyed them before, but one foot was still firmly planted in Bigland and I found myself seeing my actions through big eyes. Analyzing my work, judging production values of cartoons and plotlines ect. That is the theatre geek in me. So I took Daddy’s advice, and I went to a toy store. I felt kinda naughty as I wasn’t wearing panties and I was dripping wet from big me’s teasing assignment and I browsed looking for some little activities that spoke to me. I picked up some colouring books and debated over some Lego, then as I was passing the dolly section I found the lalaloopsie dolls. They made me stop, there was a little red head dolly made out of scraps from a firemans costume and she SPOKE to me, my fingers itched to pick her up, and I knew my “little” had the reigns. I had her named before I reached the checkout and I could have jumped with excitement. Her name is Sparks! And she is my spunky best friend and she’s gonna help me keep it fun. That night, I snuggled in my onsie Pajamas grabbed Sparks, and we watched Mary Poppins together. I sang with the songs and giggled when they had tea party on the ceiling, I even found myself sucking my thumb naturally. I have tried that before but it felt awkward and contrived. So it was a good first step. Yesterday we coloured! Daddy has also suggested some physical triggers. Little me has her hair in pig tails and no bra. So when I want to transition I can prep for it by making those adjustments. And the final thing, so far, is Daddy has conversations with Big me AND little me now. He even talks to Sparks. He’ll ask to talk to little me and gives me sometime to get moving into the mindset and then we chat away. Daddy’s tone and vocabulary really make the transition a lot easier and some of his pet names make be giggle and make me blush with joy.  

So as I said a busy bee week! But a good one in so many ways.