Introducing Sparks!


Happy Friday all of you wonderful people who follow me! I have had a busy bee week but in the bestest way. Daddy gave me another assignment/game to play and we’ve been talking lots n’ lots this week and it’s been so nice so have some quality chatting time with Daddy. My assignment was of the naughty bedroom playtime variety. More teasing! Daddy does love to keep his girl hungry and frustrated! But then we have been exploring my ‘little’ side a bit more together and collaborating on some Daddy/little girl bonding time. He’s been helping me with my transitioning and how to make it more easier. There was so much ground covered, but Daddy was so supportive and I already feel more comfortable in the skin of little me!
Well I should start with Big girl me as it is part of my homework, the objective of said homework again is to have me blushing 24/7. Since Tuesday morning I have had to adhere to the following specifications. This little girl was not allowed panties. Blush! So I have been feeling naked and conspicuous for four days! Then this little girl had to play with herself 4 times a day. Once first thing when she wakes up, you know stoke those embers that were on a low burn all night back into a raging fire of frustration, two times during the day, then again just before bedtime. The 3 during the day I had to bring myself to the edge and stop, but my bedtime playtime I could give myself a yummy orgasm. Which felt fantastic!! …but only seemed to stoke the fires more. I could become a master Hulu dancer with all the obscene hip gyrations I have done this whole week reaching for something that is just out of reach. If there was any ever question in my mind that I have surrendered my body to Daddy it is gone. Daddy owns this little girl completely, (whispery voice) and I kinda love it! Each teasing session Daddy had me take pictures, blush, which I have to post 1 picture for every teasing session. This always has me blushing, which Daddy loves and I have that little exhibitionist in me that Daddy seems to want to bring out more and more. I am finding it hard trying to be creative though. The photos just seem like repeats. Then finally on Friday, during my final playtime Daddy wants me to film it (this one is Daddy’s eyes only). Before I play Daddy wants me to talk about a scenario, where we invite a sister “sub”. To watch me get a spanking. We have talked about starting to make friends with like minded Daddy’s and littles on our area. I secretly have yearned for it and fantasized about being in a little community even. All that reading again. Until now I have been more prone to keep it in the fantasy realm. I really am a shy person when you remove the potential for anonymity on a blog. So this is Daddy’s way, he finds a secret desire and nurtures it to fruition, he has me thinking about the reality of it, he’ll have me outline the logistics of it. He wants me to talk about how I would go about meeting a potential sister sub, what I would ask them, specifics of the scene, whether her role is solely to watch or participate. Then he has me imagine how I will feel as I am watched while I am given a spanking. One word BLUSHY!!!!! just how Daddy likes me. Then it is no longer a question of whether it would become a reality but when. I am definitely thinking about it, like all the time, but I am still pretty timid at the prospect. So after I film myself talking about the above senario, I have to cum for Daddy, complete with asking for permission and announcing my orgasm.

As for little me, Daddy has been helping nurture her into a more natural state. Right now she’s young but very controlled and obedient and a little awkward. Almost like when my “little” comes out she is on her way to a stodgy aunts with strict instructions to be on her best behaviour! My analogy not Daddy’s, Daddy being the bestest Daddy there is, loves his “little” girl and calls me sweet and precious. I have expressed difficulty transitioning and feeling silly when I act so young. I could go on and on about my theories around this, I am thinking I may do a separate posting sometime in the future around this topic. So earlier this week Daddy suggested I do 1/2hr a day just doing something I would deem little. Playing with toys, watching cartoons, colouring ect. I have done these things and enjoyed them before, but one foot was still firmly planted in Bigland and I found myself seeing my actions through big eyes. Analyzing my work, judging production values of cartoons and plotlines ect. That is the theatre geek in me. So I took Daddy’s advice, and I went to a toy store. I felt kinda naughty as I wasn’t wearing panties and I was dripping wet from big me’s teasing assignment and I browsed looking for some little activities that spoke to me. I picked up some colouring books and debated over some Lego, then as I was passing the dolly section I found the lalaloopsie dolls. They made me stop, there was a little red head dolly made out of scraps from a firemans costume and she SPOKE to me, my fingers itched to pick her up, and I knew my “little” had the reigns. I had her named before I reached the checkout and I could have jumped with excitement. Her name is Sparks! And she is my spunky best friend and she’s gonna help me keep it fun. That night, I snuggled in my onsie Pajamas grabbed Sparks, and we watched Mary Poppins together. I sang with the songs and giggled when they had tea party on the ceiling, I even found myself sucking my thumb naturally. I have tried that before but it felt awkward and contrived. So it was a good first step. Yesterday we coloured! Daddy has also suggested some physical triggers. Little me has her hair in pig tails and no bra. So when I want to transition I can prep for it by making those adjustments. And the final thing, so far, is Daddy has conversations with Big me AND little me now. He even talks to Sparks. He’ll ask to talk to little me and gives me sometime to get moving into the mindset and then we chat away. Daddy’s tone and vocabulary really make the transition a lot easier and some of his pet names make be giggle and make me blush with joy.  

So as I said a busy bee week! But a good one in so many ways.


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