All finished 

Ummm so I thought I posted this on Saturday.  Apparently I saved it instead.  Hee hee oops!

So yesterday, I finally finished my assignment. I was a ball of nerves and anticipation by the time bedtime came around. I decided to dress up as little me for Daddy. So off went the bra and the hair went into pigtails. The most important order of business was introducing Daddy to sparks when I started filming. Then my faces turned into a fiery red hot candy as I began talking about all of my thought on bringing in a spectator to one of my punishments in the future. It was really hard not to start whispering and I was fidgeting a lot. Then when it was time to play with myself for Daddy’s view pleasure, a whole different kinda nervous came over me, but by that time the physical instinct had taken over to the point that no matter how embarrassed I was I couldn’t have stopped. It was a very powerful release and I was limp and little groggy afterwards. Then the butterflies set in as I prepared to post it. I couldn’t even watch it to see how it turned out. But it is posted and hopefully Daddy likes it.






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