Argh! A ‘little’ be unleashed!


 Keeping my ‘little’ busy.  

As I have mentioned before, Daddy and I have been developing my ‘little’ side a bit more and getting to know her. Daddy thinks I should make a point to let her out everyday even if it is just for fifteen minutes and do something litte.  
This is definitely one of the easier assignments Daddy has given me and is super fun!!! Over the past week ‘little’ me has coloured lots of pretty pictures. We are on a pirate kick right now so lots of Captain Hook, watched various kiddy movies, bonded with Sparks (she’s a little on the mischievous side, me and Daddy are thinking of getting her a stuffy Daddy to keep her in line) and we’ve even painted our nails, the nails even look like they were done by a little girl :/. It’s getting to the point that I can’t wait for my little time and my mind is over run with different activities she can indulge in. Today I plan on some outside time playing with bubbles and rolling down a hill we have nearby!   

It has a side benefit of being therapeutic too. My job though fun and rewarding does have its stressors and in general is viewed as a high burnout job. I have been finding that if I come home from work and indulge in my little time then, it helps me drop any tension from my day and it is less likely for me to dwell or pick things apart. Even if I put my big girl back on she’s looking forward and not wallowing in before.  

I do have some minor worries that getting soooo comfortable in my little skin that she might start popping out on her own at I opportune times. This might be a silly fear but it is there, sometimes keeping a grip on the reigns of my little.


2 thoughts on “Argh! A ‘little’ be unleashed!

  1. Great post..lots of fun things you are doing..bubbles: lots of fun!! For me little is part of me and it just blends. I understand your fear of little popping out as sometimes I can blurt out ridiculous things but people just’s cute…I can’t wait to hear more!

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    1. Thanks so much! I have really been enjoying exploring this part of myself! She’s always been lurking under the surface, it’s very liberating actually to let her break through. Glad you enjoyed the post! Bubbles were soooooo much fun!

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