Okay! Eeeek!  So bear with my little bout of nerves.  I have decided to overcome my mental block when it comes to sharing my creative writing and post one of the stories I wrote for Daddy when we were in the early stages.  Please let me know what you honestly think but be kind.  I am posting this story in 3 parts.

Babygirl earns a punishment pt 1

Babygirl couldn’t wait to see Daddy.  It had been so long and she was excited to have him with her, even if just for an evening. His strong calming presence always made all her everyday worries melt away and helped her just be what she wanted to be;Daddy’s little girl. She heard a car pull up to the house and the butterfly’s started up in her belly and she danced from foot to foot. Her pigtails, that she wore because he liked them so much, danced around her shoulders as she ran to the door opening it a big smile on her face. Daddy was pulling his duffel from the backseat as she opened the door, and having heard her, turned his head giving her a big smile of his own. It made her weak in the knees and she suddenly got a little shy, Daddy always made her feel like the most precious thing in his world, and she didn’t always think she deserved him. She smiled shyly and stepped back as he approached to let him in. Smile still on his face he dropped his bag and turned his attention on her.  

“Does Daddy get a hug from his babygirl?”

Needing no further invitation Babygirl launched herself forward wrapping her arms around Daddy’s neck. Daddy chuckled indulgently and wrapped his big arms around her giving her a firm squeeze.

“I missed my little one”. His voice rumbled huskily and she felt it as well as heard it from where her cheek rested against his chest.

“I missed you too Daddy”. She whispered still not letting go. “So much.”

She heard him chuckle as he reached forward to shut the door that she had left ajar in her hurry to be wrapped his reassuring embrace.

“I never would have guessed,”. Daddy replied wryly as he began to lead her to the couch.”come sit on Daddy’s lap. He has a surprise for you.”

Babygirl’s ears perked up at Daddy’s words. Her heartbeat picked up its pace and the butterflies in her belly had transformed into humming birds with their intensity. A surprise from Daddy could mean oh so many things, as Daddy had already proven time and again, even in their short time together. One thing was certain, it always meant a sinful and satisfying memory for Babygirl.

“Surprise?!” She chirped eagerly lifting her head from his chest her eyes alight with curiosity. What was it? A new toy? She glanced at Daddy’s duffel, that had been abandoned in the doorway, with new curiosity. A new game? Her mind raced trying to solve the mystery.

Daddy just chuckled indulgently as he gave her another affectionate squeeze before sitting down on the couch and pulled her into his lap. Babygirl straddled his lap to face him, the short skirt she had worn for him riding up her thighs and her pantied bottom resting on his knees. Daddy’s eyes drooped a bit as he eyed her hungrily. She shifted a little under his intense eyes. She had felt silly earlier when she had chosen her outfit and gotten dressed, but now sitting here with daddy looking at her that way she felt beautiful. A little disconcerted at the intensity of her feelings she decided to get things back on track.

“What’s the surprise Daddy?”

Daddy chuckled again shaking his head, and she blushed. He leaned forward and kissed her forehead then Reached back to pat her bottom. She bit her lip

“Alright you impatient little imp,” Daddy said. ” I should have known as soon as I said the words, you wouldn’t let me rest until I told you.” Babygirl felt a little guilty, Daddy was a hard worker, and kept really long hrs.

” I’m sorry Daddy,” she whispered shyly, “How was your day? Did you have a nice drive? Can I get you anything?”

“I have everything I need right here, little one” Daddy assured her tapping the end of her nose gently with his finger tip. “I am actually really excited about the surprise too! Are you ready?”

Daddy gave her a wicked little wink. Babygirl nodded her head eagerly.

“Okay, Daddy was able to get some extra time off,” babygirl’s mouth began to widen in a happy smile,”and Daddy thought since My little one had the weekend off, we could go on a little adventure in the mountains. How does that sound Babygirl?”  

She was already bouncing on his lap with excitement. “Really?! A whole weekend? In the mountains? ”

Daddy nodded, and she squealed with delight and threw her arms around his neck, babbling about all the fun they could have. He began to rub her back and relaxed as she chattered in excitement. Just happy that he made his little one happy.

“And we can stay up late and we can eat out!” Babygirl chattered excitedly,”Darn, I wish I had done my month end paperwork earlier, but that’s okay, I can get it all done when we get home…”

Babygirl felt Daddy’s hand freeze on her back and looked up at him with confusion? Daddy’s face was wrinkled into a slight frown, his eyes slitted and boring into hers with stern intensity. Babygirl gulped, realizing her slip too late.  

“What paperwork Babygirl?” Daddy asked, his voice deceptively soft. Her bottom tingled as she realized she was in trouble.

To be continued….

Sorry, had to see if I caught you before any really juicy bits 😉

Any feedback is welcome.


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