Yay!  Time with Daddy!


Daddy ‘little’ Day!

 I am so so so excited! Daddy is gonna come for a play date tomorrow and it’s gonna be for the whole Day! Daddy and me both agreed that it is about time for a ‘little’ day. It will be my first time really embracing my little in the presence of Daddy. We’ve chatted and texted when I am ‘little’ and I keep Daddy abreast of my little activities. But I haven’t been taken care of by Daddy yet. Aside from the odd tidbit. It sounds like Daddy has big plans for the day but he’s being ‘Wicked’ teasing Daddy and won’t tell me it all. Gulp, I know I have my reckoning coming for being lax on my journal complete with my first session with the cane (I am still pretty nervous about that), but Daddy said there will be story times and snacks and he’s got me prezzies! Though he won’t even give me a hint as to what!  

I am really excited, but as with most new experiences there are some nerves jumbled in there. Daddy’s been very good the last few Days helping me vocalize my boundaries and limits and discussing different scenarios, he’s a very good planner and good at getting the groundwork out of the way. As well as getting this little girls imagination buzzing with ideas of her own. I also trust him to guide me through this new experience as he has with all of my other firsts. So I am trying to remember to breath and relax and just let Daddy guide me.


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