Wonderful Day with Daddy!

There is nothing like waking up to cuddles and kisses from Daddy! And that was just the start of my day with Daddy yesterday. This little one had to work a night shift on Friday and despite my excitement to see Daddy I was pretty tuckered. So I caught a nap in the morning on Saturday and woke up to Daddy stroking my forehead and giving me butterfly kisses. It made me want to giggle and parts of me got all shy, but it was good to see Daddy!  

Daddy started out with prezzies! And who doesn’t like getting them. Daddy spoiled little me with colouring books,crayons, ribbons, pretty patterned socks, sippy cups, soothers, little clothes and a papa bear for Sparks,all packed inside a cute sparkly tinker bell backpack. All of the items immediately coaxed my little into the foreground and had her jumping with joy. As of I was sitting in Daddy’s lap oohing and awing over my stash, Daddy asked me how I wanted to begin the rest of our day. Did I want to start playing with some of my new things or did I want to get my punishment out of the way. I cringed at that question, not because of the spanking so much, I already accepted that, more the part where I had to choose when it would happen and actually ask Daddy for it. Asking for my spankings is a sure fire way of making me blush and it really does get me into the submissive mindset. I waffled back and forth in my brain for bit. Putting it off for more pleasant things was tempting, but I worried the upcoming reckoning would have me worried and distracted. My eventual decision was to get it out of the way and file it away. So Daddy helped this little one dress in one of my new pretty outfits, tucked the skirt up In the back and followed me to the corner and lowered my panties for my corner time, my bare bottom on display. He then took Sparks who was going to witness the punishment and this little girls stance in my corner got more sullen as Daddy explained to Sparks(and me) why I was being punished, what was going to happen and in what order. I know Sparks is a dolly, but I was super embarrassed as Daddy talked to her and the tone he used, while describing my upcoming spanking. My punishment would consist of a hand spanking otk to warm me up, then I was going to have to sit on my freshly spanked bottom and write an essay about the importance of updating my journal. Then cornertime as Daddy graded my essay. Too many mistakes, or missed highlights, would see me receiving another hand spanking before I wrote another one. Then finally, this little one would get her first caning at least 12 strokes in 2 groupings of six. And more if Daddy deemed it so. Then after a few minutes of contemplation in the corner hearing Daddy prepare for his little ones chastisement, he called me from the corner and I soon found myself over his lap. At the first smack I was almost grateful that my time for fretting was over. Soon enough though Daddy’s firm spanks started a stingy and burny fire in my bottom that had me whimpering and wiggling. That turned into kicking and crying then finally I just went limp as I felt my resistance melt away. Daddy stood me up and told me to wait as he set out my naughty book for my essay. My skirt was still tucked up in the back and my bottom was hot and throbby. I cheeks were blushy as I felt Sparks eyes boring into my bottom from where she sat with her Papa bear (I have named him Sir Griswald). I actually felt MORE exposed with my girly skirt framing my spanked bottom then when Daddy has me naked. Soon Daddy led me to the table and sat me down (Ouchie) and I began writing, Daddy didn’t set a time limit and I took my time as I didn’t relish the idea of a do over. I had asked for some juice so my new sippy cup sat nearby, I blushed every time I took a sip from it. It is only just a step up from a bottle the sippy attachment ensuring you have to suck on it like you would a nipple to get anything. After I was done my essay Daddy sent me back in the corner as he graded my work. I shifted nervously from foot to foot as Daddy read it. It was soooooo quiet and I began to worry it wasn’t gonna make the grade. Daddy called me out of the corner and I only had two teensy mistakes! Daddy said it was a very good essay and he was proud of me. Despite the fact I was being punished I beamed at the compliment and felt all warm inside. Then Daddy undressed me down to the skin and softly commanded me into my caning position. The butterflies in my belly returned full force. I assumed my position very aware of how exposed and open I was in it. Daddy again explained I would get 2 groups of six with a break in between. He was gonna use two different canes. A longer thinner lexan cane. And a shorter thicker bamboo type cane. I mustered my courage and decided to face the caning bravely. Daddy seemed to delight in making some practice strokes, I could hear the cane whistle through the air. Then the first ‘thwack’. It took my breath away! A sharp and biting line of ouch! He spaced the next stripe a few seconds later so I fully registered the first blow and that was how it continued. I was gasping jumping by the end of the first six. The isolated pain of each stroke was the most distinctive for me. The second cane was more thuddy but again it was like he was laying strips of fire across my bottom. I was quickly deciding that the cane was the WORST thing ever invented but I was proud that I faced it. He decided after the second grouping that he would give me up to six more. These ones I had to count aloud and thank him and ask for another. It only took three more before I was gasping and babbling out the request. The energy it took to concentrate on the response was exhausting. Daddy took mercy on me at three and I fell into his arms and blubbered as he stroked my back and cooed endearments. I was lulled by his words and began to relax though still aware of the Ouchie state of my bottom. I felt a nudge at my lips and felt Daddy guide one of my new soothers into my mouth. Sucking on it at that point gave me more comfort then embarrassment. After that, the Day passed in a blur! We watched movies and coloured in my colouring book, we gave eachother special kisses and Daddy played hidey seeky fingers and this little girl felt tingles and tickles and saw the stars many times over. I blushed as i never blushed before when i asked Daddy to take me potty and Daddy held me and cooed encouragements as I hid my face in his shoulder as I finally jumped that hurdle. He gave me a ‘motivational’ spanking towards the end of the day to keep up with my potty rule as I admitted this was the hardest rule to follow. Spankings, even light ones, are super Ouchie on an already spanked bottom! It is still super tender now as I write this post. Then Daddy had me lay over his lap and he rubbed lotion on my bottom and teased my bottom hole. By the end of the Day this little one could win prizes for her impersonation of a limp rag! Then too soon it was time to say goodbye. There were mopes and pouts, but really this little one couldn’t complain it was a wonderful play date with Daddy! 


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