My treasure trove!


Christmas came early for this little girl! I had mentioned in my earlier post that on Daddy’s last visit, he spoiled this little one with prezzies! Well, it has been the source of amusement and blushes and has been very helpful in getting me into my ‘little’ space. It has a little bit of everything all designed to either help me look, feel and become my ‘little’ self.

I will list an inventory of my present haul and how it has made me react!

First was the packaging!

1 Sparkly and colourful tinker bell backpack complete with attached lunch kit. It is whimsical and pretty and it can hold lots of stuff! I like it cause I now have a ‘go’ bag for my visits with Daddy and it’s sparkles have me thinking of fairy dust, so when I wear it maybe I can fly! ‘Giggle’. *Daddy also filled the lunch kit with snacks n’ dwinks n’ treats! Including a lolly pop ring!

2. ‘Little’ outfit – a swishy skirt, a pretty shirt, super fun knee high socks and some pretty patterned…unmentionables. The clothing has brought out some different reactions. I am more of a tomboy and my colour palate is lots of browns and blacks and greys. I was surprised that I enjoyed the colours as much as I did and the patterns are fun and make me ‘feel’ younger. When Daddy dressed me for the first time in my new outfit, I felt kinda silly and self conscious even when he said how pretty I was. I DID feel more little and was able to transition into the mindset easier, it was odd getting used to being in a skirt though. It’s swishy and loose and good for twirling, but on the downside it easy for Daddy to tuck or flip up and expose this little ones bottom for punishment. THEN it makes me feel more naked and exposed then when I am actually naked. My favorite part of the clothes so far is the super fun and colourful socks! I wear them and they just make me happy!

3. Accessories little bow berets for my hair and….some soothers for my mouth. This little girl likes to play with the berets and almost always wears ’em when she had her daily ‘little’ time. The soothers are a source for blushes. Daddy thinks I am real cute sucking on my dummy, and it actually does have a soothing quality to it, but it makes this little girl blush.

4. Sippy cup – I actually really enjoy this! I usually have a dwink at bedtime in it, and it is kinda freeing to be haphazard as I can grab n swig and then drop it beside me!  

5. Crafts – clay, crayons and construction paper! These have my imagination come to the front! They really allow me to immerse into my little inclinations. And sometimes just play with the sensory! I like the modelling clay lots. At first I was tryin’ really hard to make things just right. Some days I still do. Others I just play with the gooshiness. I like makin’ pancakes. Roll a ball of clay and slap it flat with your hand! Voila pancakes giggle.

6. Papa bear- last but not least Daddy gave me a stuffed teddy to be a papa for Sparks! I have named him sir Griswald and it’s nice to have an addition to my stuffy family. I have been having loads of fun making up back story’s and anecdotes about his adventures with Sparks!

So that’s my haul I got from Daddy! I am sure it will be added to both by Daddy and my little self. It feels very freeing to indulge in this way. Quite addictive.


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