Storytime concluded

This is the final installment of my first story!  Hope you enjoyed it.

Babygirl earns a punishment: finale

Babygirl left the bathroom for the second time after thankfully being allowed to release in private. She felt a little light headed and dazed from this new experience. She wasn’t quite able to decipher her feelings, but at the moment Daddy was waiting and she had been warned not to dawdle. She made her way to the living room. Daddy was seated in the straight back wooden chair looking tall and formidable. Beside him the wooden hairbrush she had already made the aquaintance of. And folded over onto itself lay one of Daddy’s leather belts. She stopped within arms reach but Daddy grasped her hands and tugged her to stand between his knees.

“Last part little one!” He assured her, “you are taking you punishment so well for Daddy.”

“Thank you Daddy”

“Now, why are you about to get a spanking on your bare little bottom?”

“Because, I leave things to the last minute and I have asked Daddy to help me break the habit”

“And do you think you need Daddy’s help to remind you not to put things off little one?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Very well,” Daddy guided her over his knee. She blushed as he adjusted her bare bottom into the position where he would have the most effect, he rested his hand gently on her rear end and began speaking again. “This lesson is going to come in three parts Babygirl. First Daddy is going to spank you with his hand, while we have a little discussion about naughty girls not doing there work and make a plan so Daddy can make sure Babygirl does her work when she supposed to. The spanking ends when the discussion is over. Next Daddy is going to take your friend the hairbrush and he is going paddle your bottom a bright red as punishment for your current miss step. Finally, Daddy is going to lay 6 stripes on babygirl’s naughty bottom with his belt. This will hopefully drive the point home and remind baby girl that she really does not want to revisit this topic. Babygirl will count each stroke of the belt so daddy know she is paying attention.”

Babygirl gulped, but bravely answered, “Yes Daddy.”

“Alright baby, ask for your punishment.”

“Daddy, Babygirl needs a reminder on doing her work when she’s told. C-can you p please spank her naughty bottom?” She stuttered out flushing red with embarrassment.

“Of course little one,”. Daddy said followed by the first stinging slap! Baby girl jolted in surprise. She squeezed her eyes shut and felt the swats as she absorbed Daddy’s scolding words. She dutifully replied

“Yes Daddy” or “No Daddy!” When he required her response she started taking in large gasping breaths and hissing as the fire in her bottom grew!

“Daddy is making a new rule!” Daddy decided punctuating each word with a a fresh stinging slap. “Babygirl is going to update her paperwork weekly, and Daddy’s going to check in every Friday!”

His smacks continued on some unseen pattern covering her fleshy mounds completely, and not allowing the heat to cool 

“When Daddy asks if Babygirl if she has done her homework, what will your answer be!”

“Yes Daddy!”

“And what happens if Babygirl answers no Daddy?”

“She gets a spanking”. Babygirl wailed as the dam broke and the tears began to fall, her legs churning as though she could outrun the pain.”

“Right!” Daddy replied, laying the last 9 words following each with a a firm hard smack “she gets a hard spanking on her bare bottom!”

The blows, finally ceased. And Babygirl went limp and cried out her stress, her anxiety over disappointing both herself and her Daddy. Daddy took a moment to rub her back and whisper comforting words, until she had regained some control. Then he took up the hairbrush and pinned her legs between his own and once again got down to business. Sharp firm swats travelling in a circular pattern, paying attention to Babygirl’s sensitive sit spot. She was beyond words she just sucked In Mouthfuls of air, blowing the air out as if she could blow out the fire in her bottom. The spanking with the hairbrush was fast and hard but over in minutes and again she hung there over Daddy’s knee a picture of complete surrender.

Daddy took a moment to rub babygirl’s bottom she jumped a little as the pressure focused the pain on the areas he gently squeezed.

“Six stripes Babygirl.” Daddy spoke picking up the folded belt. “Count them.”

Smack! It felt like a strip of fire branding her bottom, “One!” Babygirl blurted, “Thank you Daddy!”

There was a slight pause as Daddy absorbed her spontaneous words. He smiled with pride as he laid down the following 5 stripes, in quick succession, his heart swelling as each time his Babygirl not only counted but thanked him as well.  

Once he was done he dropped the belt and scooped his little one into his lap, she jumped at the initial contact of her punished bottom meeting his lap but soon she melted into him and took his comfort as he rocked her back and forth, telling her howproud he was of her. She leaned back to look at him and gave him a watery smile and snuggled into his chest again saying once again.

“Thank you Daddy!”


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