Back to the grind

Well the holiday portion of my summer is over. It is back to the grindstone. Good news is it was a wonderful relaxing holiday, absence of Daddy being the exception. Bad news, only that it wasn’t long enough. Had great time with my friends but every time I slipped into my little tent solo, my little started missing Daddy. So most of my evenings were spent fantasizing about what vacation with Daddy would be like. There were some stirring scenarios, that left me wanting.  
Now I am back and as usual it seems there was more work do than when I left and it’s all a hustle and a bustle. This morning I was suffering the good ol’ holiday hangover and it was hard to get motivated.  

Still have a bit of time off coming to me in August, no plans, which usually drives me crazy! I usually need to be doing something, but I am looking forward to putting my feet up. Maybe Daddy will have time for a play date or two.


Reading, writing and reviews pt 2



A continuation of my personal choice recommendations for some good reading about DD/lg and other bdsm play. This time I am going to focus on the some of the Authors that hold top spot in my ereader, as I am on vacation and it always comes with me.
First is Korey Mae Johnson:
Her ageplay novel “Being their Baby”. Was one of the first novels I read in this genre and still stands as one of my favorites. She has a flair for well placed humour within the storyline as does quite a good job at developing her characters and there is a legitimate plot-line that keeps the attention, instead of having the reading skimming through for the steamy bits (come on you know you do it.). 
A very brief run down. A young woman who had to grow up before her time in less then stellar circumstances is invited to explore a relationship where she not only has a ‘Mommy’ but a ‘Daddy’ and an ‘Uncle’ all willing to give her the childhood she missed complete with all love, nurturing and discipline she needs.
The novels protagonist experiences some steamy spanking and ‘playtime’ with three different partners in various scenarios.
I really enjoyed the relationships she develops with everyone and the general dynamic of the household. 
This is Korey’s only ageplay title that I am aware, though I wish she would write more. Another title of hers I could reccomend would be ‘Shared between them’ it’s a good ménage spanking romance.  

Vacation time closing in…yay!

Let’s hope this works. I am going on a camping trip with friends later on next week. I offered to host a pizza night after finding an intriguing recipe for campfire or BBQ pizza on pintrest. You make up your pizza then roll it up cinnamon roll style. Then it can be frozen for easy transport. I thought it convenient cause I could prep it before the trip as I am making a trip to visit family and arrive home only a day before leaving on the camping trip. I am making the most of my vacation time this year, but i am exhausted already with all the prep and rushing around, as well as all the doubles I have been pulling at work. Haha, guess I have to feel like I earned the vacation! 

My mind has been Pondering

Something to contemplate
So Daddy and I were talking the other day. A lot of bantering and joking about this and that. Then Daddy broached a subject that I am aware of but have no experience with as of yet. He brought up ‘switching’. I do know that Daddy definitely has been in the game longer then me and he had even told me that once upon a time he experimented with being ‘little’. Now being a huge fan of ‘littledom’ myself I totally understand the draw of this side of the dynamic, sometimes I wonder who WOULDN’T want to be ‘little’. He also told me that he’s definitely more Daddy then little, but there are some aspects of being on the other side he misses.  

So this conversation left me contemplating the other side of the fence. Ever since I started actually practicing in the ageplay dynamic, my curiosity has only grown. I have tested and surpassed what only a year ago I would have considered some hard limits. Through all of it I have identified as a little. I have always identified with the sub role during play. It is a natural inclination. Which is funny because, I am in a position of authority at work and within my circle of family and friends I am the go to problem solver/ decision maker. So being a submissive in the relationship seems to be more of a choice for me as apposed to predisposed towards it. But the draw is there despite its origins.

Then I started playing with scenario’s in my head where I was the Mommy and Daddy was my little ‘rascal’. Many images popped in my head of he and I playing with Lego, or kissing a booboo on his knee after he fell and scraped it. Singing lullabies and cuddling him at nap time. I was actually quite easy to identify as a Mommy when imagining the nurturing side of things. I could even imagine my initial reactions of exasperated amusement as I came upon evidence of mischief or rebellion. One thing I had a difficult time visualizing was me in the role of disciplinarian. I can not picture myself doling out punishment. I’m not sure if it is just the fact that I have absolutely no point of reference when it comes to giving a spanking or just my soft heart. When me and Daddy had talked, my mind instantly started tossing the idea around weighing benefits with challenges and worrying over details. The reason you ask? Well, I want to make my Daddy happy of course. He had already opened up my world and given me so many wonderful first experiences and taken care of my ‘little’ girl needs. I WANT to do something for him now and then. I also want to do it right. If Daddy took a turn as a ‘little’ Rascal now and then, then he deserves the best Mommy I can provide him. Part of which, means a Mommy that can dole out a much needed spanking now and then. So now I am researching spankings from the other side of the fence trying to absorb the role of the disciplinarian. I have found that there are some definite draws and the tingles start to come upon me as I imagine a vulnerable bottoms over my lap, bit the insecurities are still there. Almost like stage fright. Anybody have any ideas of how to combat stage fright when taking on a different role in play?

I luv SUMMER!!!!

I have always loved summer because there is always so much more to do.  Camping, farmers markets, hikes, bbq’s.  Now that I have begun to explore my ‘little’ more there are so many other things that I have rediscovered bubble blowing,  sidewalk art, hop scotch, hula hoop, scavenger hunts, splash parks, trampolines. It had been a super fun so far this summer.  It’s funny too, a year ago, I would have secretly yearned to do some of the younger activities, now my inhibitions and insecurities have lowered and I just jump into an activity.  I was at a friends BBQ the other day and they brought out bubbles for the kids, I was first in line, then five minutes later I was discussing bubble blowing technique with my friends 4 year old.  Right now it really FEELS like every day is a new adventure.

These are just a few things me and Sparks have done during ‘little’ time.  I have also stocked my craft cupboard with sparkles and sequins and paints.  What are some of your favorite activities?  I am always looking to expand my repertoire! 

Some new Rules added

This little girl’s list of rules have been added too. Not in an extreme way. Daddy is pretty sensitive when it comes to overwhelming me. Daddy focused on healthy living goals. He started collecting information before our play date. Subtle questions and not so subtle questions about my sleep schedule, eating habits, and my summer training for my schedule of mud runs and mini marathons. He even asked about the state of my bedroom. would it make a Daddy proud? My initial feelings with all of Daddy’s questions was one of feeling extremely cared for. That all these things were important enough to Daddy for him to ask about is still something I am trying to adjust to, but it does give me warm fuzzy feelings.  

There was still the instinctual knee jerk reaction of I am an adult women who has been taking care of myself for ages I don’t need a minder!!!! Then I realize that No I don’t need a minder, but I desire one. That is one of the reasons I am drawn to this dynamic. I guess part of me would prefer to pick and choose what is to be monitored, I mean who does it affect but me if my room is a little messy? Am I hurting anyone if I give into my night owl tendencies and stay up until the wee hours of the morning? Then following those questions is the realization this could be hurting me, these practices aren’t in MY best interests and that is what concerns Daddy….ME. And I melt a little inside.

Enough of my babbling, on to the new rules!

The most focused one of this group of rules is Bedtime. I have always been a night owl. Sometimes getting as little as three hrs of sleep a night. I could function on that, but as I get older I realize that I can only do the bare minimum and very little quality of anything is experienced. Just going through the motions. Well, now this little one has to be all tucked up and snuggled into bed by the ridiculous hour of 10:15pm. Not sleeping but in definite wind down on my way to lullaby land mode. This was a major adjustment at first and I definitely got the pouts a couple of times when the clock started inching closer to that time, but I was no where near ready to go. Bedtime rebellions of my youth flashed through my head. At the same time I found it startling how once I was all tucked in by the allotted time how quickly sleep found me. I originally worried I would be stuck for hrs just lying there before sleep took over. Huh, who knew! This rule does have some loopholes as I do shift work and sometimes am not home in time for my bedtime. Or if I have a fun night planned with friends. I just have to inform Daddy of my work schedule or ask him for permission to go out. It is so strange being accountable to someone again. He also added the specification that if I work a graveyard shift I have to have a nap when I get home.

The other rules aren’t really rules yet as their is no quantification or measuring system in place but more guidelines Daddy expects me to be aware of and have some responsibility over, if I can not keep them within the bounds of reason then Daddy may step in and set stricter guidelines and consequences.

These are:

This little one will practice healthy eating habits – My challenges my sweet tooth (I really like baked goods and pastries) and my extreme dislike for vegetables. So I am focusing on at least one fruit or veggie per meal and try to avoid junk food.

This little one will drink more water: SIGH! Why does something good for you have to be so blah! And there are so many other things to drink. I always have the best intentions for this one and am really really good for the first week, then old habits sneak in.  

This little one will keep her bedroom tidy. Challenges, I am a pretty busy gal! Sometimes my bedroom turns into a dumping zone. I am trying to remember to use the hamper over the floor for dirty clothes and put clean clothes away instead of leaving them in the laundry basket. I was super insulted when Daddy asked me if I had a tidy room! It made me feel super young to be asked such a basic question, but then I had to blush cause the fact was my room could be called anything but tidy.

This little one will keep up with her cardio and high intensity training. This is more motivational. I am a very active person in general and enjoy summer events such as mud runs and foam fests ect. Finding the time to train for these events can be tricky, but I am good usually at finding the time. This spring when I injured my leg was very frustrating because I had to cut out the high intensity stuff for nearly two full months. I am getting back into it, and it is like I am at square one. Bootcamp HURTS again, I am huffing after 2kms of jogging. It is hard to get my motivation back. It’s nice to know that Daddy’s backing me. When I complain it hurts he reminds me that spankin’s hurt. And offers Daddy brands of motivation. When I accomplish a milestone he is always so proud.

So those are my most recent additions to my list of rules and another piece of myself that I place in Daddy’s capable hands.