I luv SUMMER!!!!

I have always loved summer because there is always so much more to do.  Camping, farmers markets, hikes, bbq’s.  Now that I have begun to explore my ‘little’ more there are so many other things that I have rediscovered bubble blowing,  sidewalk art, hop scotch, hula hoop, scavenger hunts, splash parks, trampolines. It had been a super fun so far this summer.  It’s funny too, a year ago, I would have secretly yearned to do some of the younger activities, now my inhibitions and insecurities have lowered and I just jump into an activity.  I was at a friends BBQ the other day and they brought out bubbles for the kids, I was first in line, then five minutes later I was discussing bubble blowing technique with my friends 4 year old.  Right now it really FEELS like every day is a new adventure.

These are just a few things me and Sparks have done during ‘little’ time.  I have also stocked my craft cupboard with sparkles and sequins and paints.  What are some of your favorite activities?  I am always looking to expand my repertoire! 


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