My mind has been Pondering

Something to contemplate
So Daddy and I were talking the other day. A lot of bantering and joking about this and that. Then Daddy broached a subject that I am aware of but have no experience with as of yet. He brought up ‘switching’. I do know that Daddy definitely has been in the game longer then me and he had even told me that once upon a time he experimented with being ‘little’. Now being a huge fan of ‘littledom’ myself I totally understand the draw of this side of the dynamic, sometimes I wonder who WOULDN’T want to be ‘little’. He also told me that he’s definitely more Daddy then little, but there are some aspects of being on the other side he misses.  

So this conversation left me contemplating the other side of the fence. Ever since I started actually practicing in the ageplay dynamic, my curiosity has only grown. I have tested and surpassed what only a year ago I would have considered some hard limits. Through all of it I have identified as a little. I have always identified with the sub role during play. It is a natural inclination. Which is funny because, I am in a position of authority at work and within my circle of family and friends I am the go to problem solver/ decision maker. So being a submissive in the relationship seems to be more of a choice for me as apposed to predisposed towards it. But the draw is there despite its origins.

Then I started playing with scenario’s in my head where I was the Mommy and Daddy was my little ‘rascal’. Many images popped in my head of he and I playing with Lego, or kissing a booboo on his knee after he fell and scraped it. Singing lullabies and cuddling him at nap time. I was actually quite easy to identify as a Mommy when imagining the nurturing side of things. I could even imagine my initial reactions of exasperated amusement as I came upon evidence of mischief or rebellion. One thing I had a difficult time visualizing was me in the role of disciplinarian. I can not picture myself doling out punishment. I’m not sure if it is just the fact that I have absolutely no point of reference when it comes to giving a spanking or just my soft heart. When me and Daddy had talked, my mind instantly started tossing the idea around weighing benefits with challenges and worrying over details. The reason you ask? Well, I want to make my Daddy happy of course. He had already opened up my world and given me so many wonderful first experiences and taken care of my ‘little’ girl needs. I WANT to do something for him now and then. I also want to do it right. If Daddy took a turn as a ‘little’ Rascal now and then, then he deserves the best Mommy I can provide him. Part of which, means a Mommy that can dole out a much needed spanking now and then. So now I am researching spankings from the other side of the fence trying to absorb the role of the disciplinarian. I have found that there are some definite draws and the tingles start to come upon me as I imagine a vulnerable bottoms over my lap, bit the insecurities are still there. Almost like stage fright. Anybody have any ideas of how to combat stage fright when taking on a different role in play?


3 thoughts on “My mind has been Pondering

  1. My partner once tried being little while I played daddy and it was much harder than I thought it would be! We tried this just because she was curious about what it was like for me to be little and less about having an interest (So I felt there was extra pressure). I felt a bit of stage fright too…

    Perhaps have a big talk (no pun intended) about what specific things/aspects he thinks about and/or would enjoy, maybe even talk about a scenario before hand? Or think about what you enjoy yourself, and then try to flip it/combine it with the former. Maybe with an idea already in your head it take some of the stage fright away? I always think when trying something new its good to discuss it later and see what worked and what didnt. Even if it isnt as ‘right’ as it could have been, at least you know for next time. 🙂


    1. Thanks for the Advice! We have some good communication and there is no pressure, currently it’s just an idea muddling around in my brain right now. But it’s always nice to here others experiences with experimentation. Cheers!

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