Reading, writing and reviews pt 2



A continuation of my personal choice recommendations for some good reading about DD/lg and other bdsm play. This time I am going to focus on the some of the Authors that hold top spot in my ereader, as I am on vacation and it always comes with me.
First is Korey Mae Johnson:
Her ageplay novel “Being their Baby”. Was one of the first novels I read in this genre and still stands as one of my favorites. She has a flair for well placed humour within the storyline as does quite a good job at developing her characters and there is a legitimate plot-line that keeps the attention, instead of having the reading skimming through for the steamy bits (come on you know you do it.). 
A very brief run down. A young woman who had to grow up before her time in less then stellar circumstances is invited to explore a relationship where she not only has a ‘Mommy’ but a ‘Daddy’ and an ‘Uncle’ all willing to give her the childhood she missed complete with all love, nurturing and discipline she needs.
The novels protagonist experiences some steamy spanking and ‘playtime’ with three different partners in various scenarios.
I really enjoyed the relationships she develops with everyone and the general dynamic of the household. 
This is Korey’s only ageplay title that I am aware, though I wish she would write more. Another title of hers I could reccomend would be ‘Shared between them’ it’s a good ménage spanking romance.  


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