I am working a graveyard shift tonight.  I took the shift, silly girl that I am, despite the fact that I spent the day at a Wanderlust triathlon.  5km run, 90 minutes of yoga and 30 mins meditation.  It was wonderful, but took the whole day, and I wasn’t able to catch a nap before my shift.  Coffee will be a big part of my night.  

Summary:  yay Wanderlust! Boo lack of sleep.  Coffee what would I do without you?


Beach Day!

imageI went to the beach the other day! It was the perfect beach weather. So there was lots of swimming and napping in the shade. Then suddenly it popped in my head Sand Castles! It had been ages since I had made one! But there I was with no bucket or tools. I didn’t let that stop me once the idea was in my head.   My sand starfish turned out quite well with my marked lack of tools  🙂

Today is a coffee day

I am dog sitting for a friend of mine. Her dog is a senior and I love him to death…but he has a bladder the size of a pea. Two bathroom breaks in the night and a 6 am wake up call. Coffee has been a huge part of my day today. While I was drinking my first cup I trolled the net and searched out some funny coffee captions. I will post a new one periodically. This for all my fellow coffee drinkers out there.

Something had me pondering 

Dirty messages or Dirty minds interpreting?
I have always loved Disney movies! The music, the stories, the laughter, the love.

 As you may or may not know they can never catch a break. There is always a rumour popping up about some hidden dirty detail in this movie or that one. I remember personally never catching these supposed naughty glimpses flashing across the screen, even when I heard about them and actually tried to spot them I never found them. A little while ago, I randomly found a website that outlined some of these scandal causing images. Curiosity got the best of me and I checked it out. They highlighted them so a blindman could see them, and I had to admit that in a certain light it could be viewed in a naughty way. But in many cases it seems more like a matter of perception and not a deliberate plant. I know I certainly never would have recognized them as a child, when I found them as an adult they incited a bit of giggles, far from the shock and outrage that I recall hearing about from parents claiming Disney was corrupting their children.  

Bottom line, I still enjoy the movies, though I am a little sad that now when I watch them, I can’t seem to help but note the images when they flash across the scene. Though I am not offended or shocked, these images once seen kinda steal the focus in that moment. Sometimes I wish I was unaware of them again so I could just enjoy the movie in the same way I did as a child.

I was originally going to post some of the images, then I thought better of it for that very reason.  

Yay me!

Well, this last weekend was my first Mud Run of the season! I ran, I jumped and I got really Dirty! In short I had a blast! I guess this little girl likes it Dirty in EVERY sense of the word (giggle). I love do the mud obstacle courses. The physical exertion gets the endorphins going. There is such a positive charge to the atmosphere and my team of friends are always so supportive and motivating. Plus you get to jump in mud puddles and nobody yells at you (tee hee).  

This year was my teams best year at this location (always gotta raise that bar!), my leg held up (despite my spring injury) and the next day all the gals in our group treated ourselves to pedicures (nothing like a foot massage and pretty toes to take the edge off). 

All in all a good weekend. If only Daddy had been around to give his dirty little girl a bath after ;).


Am I feeling Ouchies or Yummies?  Let’s go with both 

Am I feeling Ouchies or Yummies? Let’s say both!
Yup! Daddy and I were able to connect last night. So, I am sitting on a throbby and stingy bottom after my very first switching. Switches have quite the nasty whippy sting! I mean no heavy impact, but these intense lines of fire! And the way that wicked switch seems to wrap around your bottom! My hips and outer thighs even got marks. This little one certainly danced for Daddy, it was impossible to stay still for this punishment.
When Daddy and I met up the first thing he did after a greeting cuddle was bundle me in the backseat of his truck. He put me right into my little, buckling my seatbelt and putting a soother in my mouth. Sparks came along for the ride and after I had put my hair in piggy tails was cuddled in my arms as Daddy drove us to our destination, a secret spot he found on the country for my first switching, that was also to be administered outside! Gulp! That was definitely a lot to process.  
Admittedly a fantasy of mine was to have an outdoor spanking, the imminent reality of receiving one had the butterflies in my belly hitting overdrive. I spent the latter part of the drive grilling Daddy about just how secret this secret spot was, was there even the tiniest chance of being discovered? Daddy I could tell was both amused and patient as he assured me that though I would be outside it would be just us. Sitting beside me on the backseat was a small, but heavy paddle which Daddy intended to use during my warm up. I could barely take my eyes off of it as we finally reached our destination. Daddy had me wait in the car as he set up his Daddy chair. When he opened my door and unbuckled my belt, I tried to think of any reason to stall, this failed so once I was out of the truck I dragged my feet, Daddy just tugged me along. Then I was standing between Daddy’s legs for the ‘talk’ about why I earned my punishment and the sulking began. This was new for me. Usually when I earn a punishment I fret over it, I apologize for it and I USUALLY agree to it without much fuss despite my worries. This time there was definite resistance. Not to the need for it. I acknowledge I broke a rule and needed to be punished, it was just so hard to submit to it. I couldn’t even look Daddy in the eye, I was too busy scanning the area, trying to assure myself it was secure. Finally Daddy had my focus, we had our ‘talk’ though my responses remained sullen. Then there I was standing in our pocket of the great outdoors with my pants and panties lowered to rest at my ankles. BUTTERFLIES! Then I was over Daddy’s lap and getting a good warm up first with his hand then the nasty paddle. That certainly packed a wallop, I could tell Daddy was barely using his strength with it but it certainly brought the heat! I was 98% focused on my bottom nearly forgetting about our open setting when I heard a noise! Certain we were found I immediately went rigid and exclaimed ‘what was that?” Thankfully it was just the sounds of nature, and Daddy was quick to refocus me with a few more applications of the paddle. He later told me how amused he was at how one second I was whimpering and squirming on his lap then the next I was stiff and alert scanning the area like a bunny sensing a predator.
After my warm up, I felt even more exposed as Daddy had me stand again with my now red bottom exposed with my hands on my head as he went to cut his switch. The cool evening air made me aware of the achey warmth in my bottom and I was sure the red of it was shining like a beacon. I was to remain like that as Daddy prepared the switch and showed me how I was to properly prepare one. He instructed me to remove my sweat shirt as he was finishing which I did gratefully and immediately tied around my waist. He was still focused on his task and didn’t notice right away as he asked me if I wanted to cut my switch then, or after he used his. I contemplated my options. Get the double switching over with on one swoop or have Daddy tenderise my bottom then have a break while I cut my own. I really wasn’t sure what was worse? My hesitation had Daddy looking at me, and when he saw my sweater tied around my waist his exasperation showed briefly as he decided for me immediately, bending me over the chair and applying his freshly made switch across my bottom. At that point my surroundings ceased to exist. All I was aware of was the fire of each stroke. I danced on my toes and yelped and pleaded and regretted every bit of sass and sullenness I had exhibited. Daddy finally had my full attention and focus. When the strokes finally stopped my hands flew to my bottom, the heat and the raised welts had me gasping with dismay. I still had to present my own switch and offer up my bottom for another session. Daddy directed me to the bushes and coached me through proper selection. As time went by I again became aware and anxious that my naked bottom was on display, but I was more subdued in my complaints and just tried to hurry the process along. When the switch was selected Daddy had me sit to clean it ( ouch). It was harder then I thought, but I didn’t want to do a poor job of it and leave little pokies that could dig into my bottom. Then again he bent me over the chair, knowing how the switch would feel, did not lessen my anxiety this time and I was so grateful when the second switching ended. Finally I was where I wanted to be bundled albeit gingerly on Daddy’s lap getting my forgiveness cuddles. I was sure to inform Daddy my marshmallows had been thoroughly roasted.  
After my punishment I was hoping to return to the security of the truck for more enjoyable endeavours, Daddy’s hands began to wander though while I still sat in his lap, he brought my blushes back full force as he discovered and announced how wet I was. I am STILL trying to understand how I can be so Ouchie but still so hot, not exactly complaining don’t get me wrong but I still can’t connect those dots. Daddy decided that I could only retreat to the relative security of the truck when I had cum from his fingers. Though I was horny as hell, my anxiety about the open setting had me worried that I might not reach my pleasure. Daddy is very skilled though, so quicker then I imagined he was bundling me back in the truck for special kisses and other play. I am so grateful to have a Daddy that is so attentive and concerned about my pleasure, I lost count of the number of times Daddy brought me over the edge, until I was limp and partially delirious. I also feel a certain amount of pride when I can make Daddy lose control with my mouth and hands and hear his gasps and groans or feel his body tense up. Afterwards we cuddled and he told me how proud he was of me, at which I blushed and beamed. He chuckled with with proud amusement again when he recalled me attempting to ask for permission to cum from his fingers even with his cock deep in my mouth ( he decided I do not have to ask for permission if my mouth is ‘occupied’). He proudly checked out the marks that he left on my bottom and traced his fingers lightly over some of the welts. This had me shivering with a full mix of emotions. Pride, arousal, being cherished. I always enjoy my ‘after’ time with Daddy as it feels like we are the only ones in the entire universal for a small pocket of time.
When I returned home, I immediately undressed and examined my punished bottom, fascinated by the colours and lines. Again pride swelled in me and a sense of comfort that I would bear the marks and the stingy discomfort for a few days at least. Sometimes I feel frustrated that I don’t mark easily, it feels like the evidence left behind doesn’t correctly display the punishment received.

Really? Again?!

I really thought I would be better at being a good ‘little’ girl. I messed up again, humph! I thought I was so smart too! When I went on vacation I made sure to ask Daddy for a reprieve on the two entries a week rule as I was gonna have a hectic schedule and sketchy service. He being a the sweet Daddy he is allowed the expected lapse in the rules. Me being the silly little girl I apparently am, relaxed, a bit too much. My brain obviously interpreted Daddy’s benevolence extended over everything. So when I got back and Daddy asked me about my vacation, I prattled on about the fun I had and what I did blah blah blah! Then He asked if I remembered to follow my potty rule….. Nope sure didn’t. So I once again have earned myself ANOTHER spanking the next time we get together (hopefully later this week). Stupid potty rule. Silly me for not asking for a blanket reprieve that covered allll of my rules. I am starting to get frustrated with myself. I mean I don’t have that many rules. That one is the most challenging because of the blush factor, but still I should be able to remember it! Garrrrr!

Since I am still fairly new to this lifestyle, another new punishment awaits me. Daddy has a good switching in mind. He even plans to show my how to cut and prepare my own switches. Gulp, the butterflies be a fluttering in my belly over the facing this new experience. I always get a bit more nervous when Daddy makes me take a more active role in my punishment. It’s so much easier being pulled over Daddy’s lap for a bottom blistering. But having to prepare my own implement?! And to Daddy’s specifications?! There might be some moodiness over this one.  

Despite the upcoming punishment, I am still excited to see Daddy. I just wish he didn’t have to ‘take care of business’ before getting to the fun stuff EVERYTIME we get together. Humph!