Really? Again?!

I really thought I would be better at being a good ‘little’ girl. I messed up again, humph! I thought I was so smart too! When I went on vacation I made sure to ask Daddy for a reprieve on the two entries a week rule as I was gonna have a hectic schedule and sketchy service. He being a the sweet Daddy he is allowed the expected lapse in the rules. Me being the silly little girl I apparently am, relaxed, a bit too much. My brain obviously interpreted Daddy’s benevolence extended over everything. So when I got back and Daddy asked me about my vacation, I prattled on about the fun I had and what I did blah blah blah! Then He asked if I remembered to follow my potty rule….. Nope sure didn’t. So I once again have earned myself ANOTHER spanking the next time we get together (hopefully later this week). Stupid potty rule. Silly me for not asking for a blanket reprieve that covered allll of my rules. I am starting to get frustrated with myself. I mean I don’t have that many rules. That one is the most challenging because of the blush factor, but still I should be able to remember it! Garrrrr!

Since I am still fairly new to this lifestyle, another new punishment awaits me. Daddy has a good switching in mind. He even plans to show my how to cut and prepare my own switches. Gulp, the butterflies be a fluttering in my belly over the facing this new experience. I always get a bit more nervous when Daddy makes me take a more active role in my punishment. It’s so much easier being pulled over Daddy’s lap for a bottom blistering. But having to prepare my own implement?! And to Daddy’s specifications?! There might be some moodiness over this one.  

Despite the upcoming punishment, I am still excited to see Daddy. I just wish he didn’t have to ‘take care of business’ before getting to the fun stuff EVERYTIME we get together. Humph!


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