Yay me!

Well, this last weekend was my first Mud Run of the season! I ran, I jumped and I got really Dirty! In short I had a blast! I guess this little girl likes it Dirty in EVERY sense of the word (giggle). I love do the mud obstacle courses. The physical exertion gets the endorphins going. There is such a positive charge to the atmosphere and my team of friends are always so supportive and motivating. Plus you get to jump in mud puddles and nobody yells at you (tee hee).  

This year was my teams best year at this location (always gotta raise that bar!), my leg held up (despite my spring injury) and the next day all the gals in our group treated ourselves to pedicures (nothing like a foot massage and pretty toes to take the edge off). 

All in all a good weekend. If only Daddy had been around to give his dirty little girl a bath after ;).



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