Something had me pondering 

Dirty messages or Dirty minds interpreting?
I have always loved Disney movies! The music, the stories, the laughter, the love.

 As you may or may not know they can never catch a break. There is always a rumour popping up about some hidden dirty detail in this movie or that one. I remember personally never catching these supposed naughty glimpses flashing across the screen, even when I heard about them and actually tried to spot them I never found them. A little while ago, I randomly found a website that outlined some of these scandal causing images. Curiosity got the best of me and I checked it out. They highlighted them so a blindman could see them, and I had to admit that in a certain light it could be viewed in a naughty way. But in many cases it seems more like a matter of perception and not a deliberate plant. I know I certainly never would have recognized them as a child, when I found them as an adult they incited a bit of giggles, far from the shock and outrage that I recall hearing about from parents claiming Disney was corrupting their children.  

Bottom line, I still enjoy the movies, though I am a little sad that now when I watch them, I can’t seem to help but note the images when they flash across the scene. Though I am not offended or shocked, these images once seen kinda steal the focus in that moment. Sometimes I wish I was unaware of them again so I could just enjoy the movie in the same way I did as a child.

I was originally going to post some of the images, then I thought better of it for that very reason.  


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