Missin’ U Daddy

Daddy’s away at work right now. Huff!  Big me understands but ‘little’ me is missing her Daddy.  I can’t really complain.  I’ve been busy too with summer wind up and starting a new routine with my job.  Then again maybe that’s why I am feeling so lonesome.  Transitioning takes a lot out of this little girl and she gets all at odds with herself.  She could really use some playtime with Daddy.  This little one had been reminiscing a lot about her last ‘little’ day with Daddy.  No worries, no schedules, just playtime, coddling, cuddling…and maybe a few spanks.  I was truly able to shut my brain down and just be.  I have been able to wind down with my daily little time.  Colouring, and crafting and chatting with sparks.  That seems to be just a band aid right now.  Hopefully Daddy and me can connect soon but until then, Daddy know that I miss u bunches from my head to my toes!

My bottom misses you firm warm hand.

My nips miss your lips.  Your kisses and your pinches.

 And I couldn’t agree with the above more.

Kisses and cuddles Daddy!


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