Walking Dead

Ugh. This last 10 days have been the hardest I can remember in sometime.  I got the full gambit of symptoms from nausea to fever to achy joints to sore throat.  The list goes on, but I am probably whiney and boring enough already.  I first thought food poisoning, then as my symptoms accumulated I thought flu.  It was suggested that it could have been West Nile fever.  I soon stopped caring about the what I just wanted it over.  I don’t get sick often, when I do get sick I usually get over the worst if it within 24 hrs and even then I am one grumpy gal’.  After day 3 I was fully entrenched in self pity and misery.  I was basically thinking

Of course, I wasn’t dying.  But I briefly thought that might be the better alternative. On top of the general ickiness of being sick was I lost pretty much all motivation which had me upset with myself. I even had a blushy and tingly assignment from Daddy, that was shelved for a handful of days and those always gain my immediate attention.  He’s been very understanding when I explained the reason for the delay, but I was dissapointed in myself.  

I am finally feeling mostly better, and have completed my Daddy assignment which will get a seperate post.  But I am still pretty lethargic and my motivation is still pretty elusive. 

I need a kickstart to get back into my Day to Day.  Right now it’s getting away with bare minimum and that can’t go in much longer.

Any tips on how you get yourself kicked back into normal gear?

P.S. Thanks for witnessing my pity party.


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