Playtime for Daddy

Playtime for Daddy


Daddy and I have not had a chance to see each other for a loooooooonnnnnnggggg stretch this time. We just seem to have conflicting schedules. So to tide this greedy little one over, Daddy gave me a few tasks to accomplish. I got an immediate thrill in my belly when I got the email outlining Daddy’s instructions for me. He hit all the buttons. I was thrilled, a little apprehensive, full of blushes and undeniably aroused. Then I got sick (super pouty and angry face inserted here). My tasks got shelved for a bit. But I am pretty much back toy old self.

So my first task was a couple of videos for Daddy. I had to do two. One was just for Daddy (phew)…the other was for my xhamster account (gulp). I have long since admitted to myself that I do have a bit of an exhibitionist in me, so I get that thrill but at the same time opening myself to public opinion is always a little nerve racking.  

Daddy’s video had a little bit of everything. He wanted me to film my little time one evening. This has become quite natural for me now, even if it is only for that 15 mins some days, my little comes out quite easily now and I have embraced her whims so there was little challenge here except for remembering to speak up a bit. Then Daddy wanted to see me in corner time, which I was a little pouty about, cause I have been a good girl! After corner time Daddy wanted me to play like a big girl. It was mostly fun doing the private clip for Daddy, it was something just the two of us shared and I felt a connection with Daddy despite the fact we are so far away.  

The next clip was another grown up play session. I was to strip down and describe my body both through my eyes and Daddy’s eyes why Daddy liked that part of me and how Daddy liked me to present it. Then I had to bring out my toys. Then with my nipples clipped, my bottom plugged and my kitty teased with various items I had to play and cum for the camera 3 times. I was of course allowed to keep my face out of the shot, but I still felt so exposed. It was a little off putting talking about my body as well because I still have some body issues, so highlight and exposing myself bit by bit was a little discomforting. By the time I got to my play though I was wet and sooo close to the edge. My cummies came fast and hard, so my body obviously was more into it the my conscious mind.

Then my final task was I was to start really looking around on fetlife. Check out some of the discussion groups that focus on our tastes, see who was out there, what was going on. Daddy wants me to start playing with the idea of having some little friends. This is kinda scary, I am fairly shy initially. I get the benefits, having friends who have the same interests can be a good support system and can expand the dynamic, also people who are in the dynamic don’t require as much of a filter. I don’t share this side of myself with ‘muggles’ as Daddy would put it. Daddy said I just had to look right now, see what was around and see if anything or anyone popped out at me in the interest. There are a few groups in my general area but they aren’t overly active, so that was the first hurdle. I kinda felt alone. I have gotten more adept at navigating the sight, and have come across some interesting things in the searches. Daddy wants me to look for 1/2 hr a day for a week. I am to email him what I found, how it made me feel and send him links to the pages that interest me.

So I am still researching my naughty interests and searching for some local littles, though I do appreciate the connections I have made here on wordpress.  But my video assignment is done. Below is a link Daddy.

Task #2


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