Alright…Zumba is fun.

I am a person who avoids instant success fads.  Well I guess I should say I resist them.  Overnight best selling novel?  Nope I refuse to buy or read it until it has had it’s run and I find it in the bargain bin at the bookstore.  Then chances are pretty good that I will be up all night reading it unable to put it down.  Huh, who knew a billion other people could be right?

So Zumba hits my neck of the woods a few years ago, and suddenly everyone is doing Zumba.  I see Zumba work out DVDs, instruction manuals, classes, Zumba fusion classes, fashion apparel, Zumba soundtracks…well you get it.  Me? I stubbornly avoid it!  Have nothing to do with it, change the subject if it is brought up.  Why? I like to Dance, I stay active and like to be fit, I even enjoy that Spanish music.  No it’s just too ‘IN’.  I won’t let them get me! I am no sheep!  Nuts to you Zumba brainwashers!

So I have been bumping up my training this fall now that my calf is healed up and I had such a poor training summer because of that injury.  Well… I tried Zumba.  It was great!  I can’t remember having so much fun while working out! I do bootcamp every Thursday and have for the past 3 years.  I enjoy it,  I feel like a warrior at the end of every session, and I spend the entire session silently cursing my instructor and imagining the horrible ways I can exact my revenge, but I enjoy the benefits.  Zumba, I get to Dance around to fun music, work every part of my body and despite the fact that I am dripping with sweat by the end of class, I am completely surprised that the hour had passed so quickly! I was instantly hooked.  Now it is my Monday Activity.  I wake up a little happier it is Zumba day!  I really can’t believe I resisted for so long. 

Do you think this had cured my of my stubborn avoidance of instant fads?  Sigh…I doubt it.  

But now I will always have Zumba.


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